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Ask Yourself: "Do I need a Writer?"

"The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes, it's an ad." Howard Gossage.

It's safe to say that no one knows your business as well as you do. Nor will anyone care as much about your business as you do.

That does not mean that you are the best person to write ads, blogs, or your own material.


First, you are too close to see your business as objectively as someone else may.

Second, while you know your business inside and out, and outside and in, you may not be able to break it down while attempting to convey your message to others.

That's where a talented writer comes in. They are able to translate your thoughts and dreams into the message you want to send.

With help from you, they can make your business the brightest light in town!

Do you have time to check out your competition, both local and beyond? A writer does or will make time.

That begs another question: do you want just a good writer? The best money can hire? And, does the price tag mean you have hired the best?

Not necessarily!

Here's a little food for thought BEFORE hiring a writer...

In a search for the average salary for a writers, this what we found:

**From $58,465

**From $53,768

**From $51,221

**From $50,372

Yet, ads and social media are filled with writers and bloggers proclaiming, "I was making upwards of $100,000 in six months! Sign here and you can, too!"

Too good to be true? Probably is. Well then, what should you expect from, or look for, in a writer?

First and foremost, a writer willing to talk with and listen to you. One who seeks your input, expertise, and feedback. Did I mention feedback?

Secondly, a writer who believes in and allows information and feedback to flow both ways.

Third, a writer should be knowledgeable in SEO, know how it has changed over time, and they should know that long approved "SEO words" are not always the best choice and why.

Fourth, someone you should want someone who is beyond proficient in searching and gather research, and who is willing to seek and conduct interviews to support their research findings.

Fifth, you should be looking for someone who understands the value of using photos or graphics and when to utilize them.

Speaking of SEO, did you know that the vast majority - and we doo mean VAST - of online traffic is NOT driven by paid ads? In reality, less then 3% of those searching for something, click on an ad!

Some tips for how to search for your perfect writer:

**Do you really know what you want from or in a writer? I had one interview that was actually a conversation that travelled all over the map. Near the end of my allotted time, I finally asked my potential employer/client they were looking for, because after an hour, I had no clue. That pretty much ennded the interview.

**You really don't need an SEO Pro. SEO has changed so much over time, and if a Pro hasn't changed with it, they may cause your business more harm than good. You only need someone who understands what has changed, what works, and how to make that work for you!

**Don't ask a to analyze your business, or anyone else's. Don't ask them to translate or understand what a conversion ratio is. We (writers) don't know squat about that. It's not what we do! For that, you need a trained analyst.

**My own personal favorite interview to have includes having my prospective employer/client ask me to prepare a sample blog or ad for them based on a scenario about their business and information they have supplied. If they are really on the ball, they will read and ask questions, mark things they don't understand or ask for clarification. They will also ask for a revision from the writer.

** Lastly, the writer(s) you are most interested in should make it clear thay they value your time, but want to ensure there will be time for two-way feedback, updates and confirmation everyone is on the same page.

With this foundation, you should have an idea of the writer you want to work with to create the absolute best marketing materials, blogs, press releases, and all else that you will need!

So, if you are ready to hire a writer or are looking for a new writer, shoot me an email now. Let's get on the path to further success together!

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