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Be The Reason

You know, I really hate to give Facebook credit for pretty much anything.

Here lately, however, I seem to find a lot of inspiration on a personal level and on the blog level, too, through memes posted there.

Okay, I said. Now let's get over it and on to important things.

Here's the one that got me this time:

I am sure you all probably saw it too.

It just hit me right upside the head and/or heart at just the right time last night, I guess.

Anyway, I know I have been the cause of so much wrong in my life that I feel like I am in a race to change things now.

Oh, please don't get me wrong. I am not going around handing out money, or gifts, or anything like that.

I am working on my head and my heart to start the change from within and see where it takes me.

That is not the easiest thing in the world for a very shy introvert.

I may be able to do a mean imitation of an extrovert, but trust me on this one, okay?

Whether it be face to face, or on the phone, whether it be friend or stranger, whether it be a younger person or someone with experience, I try to focus more on them, what they are saying, expressions and so forth.

I want to find ways to reach out and bring some positive into their lives. And, I want to motivate them to, perhaps, take the same or similar journey.

I can't make the world a better place alone. But, I can reach out to as many as I can for a start.

So can you.

Question is, are you interested?

Together, we might not change the world, but we can start with a church group, a class, group of friends - well, we get to make our own parameters.

You have read much of what I have written over the past year about my own journey. I am not out to change anyone else.

I am out to change me!

If I mange, with Abba's great mercy, perhaps others will be changed indirectly by me.

That's all the motivation I need.

What about you? Have you ever desired to be a better person? Perhaps, a more outgoing person? A person who just likes to smile at those around on a walk through the neighborhood, maybe?

Please tell me that you get where I am going with this.

Not long after the past two years of fun began, the company I worked for sent us all to be home-based reps.

That opened up doors for many who really wanted to move closer to their families.

One young lady on my team was as quiet as I am naturally. But, I always tried to make an extra effort to speak to her, acknowledge her, help make her feel a part of what was going on at team meetings, for example.

Within 4-6 months of our transition, I got an internal message from her that nearly floored me.

Out of nowhere, she told me what a positive influence I had been on here. She, like me, doesn't make friends easily due to above mentioned shyness and introversion.

Perhaps that's why I always felt the need to reach out and share and chat with her.

Anyway, after she moved, she reached out again to tell me all of the above.

Even now, every once in awhile, either I will reach out to the other. Even just to say hello.

That's what I am talking about!

But hey, you extroverts don't get excited. We still need you to remain calm and quiet and not trample on our space or thoughts, okay? LOL!

Still, this is something that doesn't have to cost us anything - but time.

It won't involve giving more than, say, a smile.

Every now and then, we may really break out of our shells and share a hug.

Hey! It happens.

I have seen and experienced this from both sides. It's much harder for me to pull off the extrovert thing for a long period of time.

I am, simply, hard-wired to be an introvert.

Still, if I see someone like my friend, who seemed to need a friend, I can and will step up.

What do you think?

Think we can all - or at least some of us - do a much better and consistent job with this?

I am game. Any one want to jump on board and help me spread some good thoughts, smiles, words and whatever else we can to make someone feel special, or valued, or loved?

Let's give it a shot, okay?

You may not be aware, but you can communicate with me through the blog or email.

Let's keep tabs on each other and send encouragement when needed.


It's on!!

I know someone on here likes a singer that I enjoy listening to often.

I think this song relates to the topic, so here for Paula is Lauren Daigle's "Hold on to Me."

Until next week, please you all stay safe and well.

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