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Become Your Most Positive Self

We are all in this place, at this time together for a reason. You and I may not know what that reason is, but our Abba does.

So, taking a leap of faith, let's trust Him to help us become our most positive selves.


Read the quote above from Mr. Nelson Mandela another time. I'll wait...

Mr. Mandela was talking about walking out of a real, true prison.

A prison he had been sentenced to very unjustly.

If he could walk away from that with the attitude above - and he did! - then shouldn't we also be able to walk away from the prisons we are in?

Granted, most of us are in prisons of our own making, and are not true structures, but they are prisons nonetheless.

So, are we able to walk out of our prisons with an attitude such as Mr. Mandela did?

Well, that is what this blog is about today.

How to become our most positive selves, and that will, most assuredly, involve leaving our self-made prisons.


Amen! It's called the past for a reason. A very good reason. It is over. Put it down. Walk away. Look up and look forward.

No one ever said it was or would be easy.

And, no one ever said we won't have bad days. We will!

Just don't get bogged down in them.

Learn to shut out the noise of the world. Don't be afraid to shut the door on negativity.

Even if that negativity comes from loved ones.

Sometimes, we have to cut those ties that bind us to unhealthy, unproductive, unloving relationships.

No one can make that choice for you. Only you can do that.

Exactly! You must be strong enough to not let it destroy you!

It may define you, but you may need to adjust that definition at times in your life, or at points of your career, or stages of relationships.

You must also recognize the fact that times will come when you will need to turn and walk away and/or shut certain doors.

Everyone who is in, or who has been in our life, was there for a reason.

Hopefully, we learned something from everyone we've crossed paths with. Some brought painful lesson with them. Or, even meant to harm us.

Either way, take what was learned for just that - a lesson - and grow from it.

This is SO very true!

It may not seem like there is really a choice on this. Nay, nay! We DO have the choice to stay chained to anger, or sadness, or hurt, but we also have the choice to break free from it.

It's conscious decision.

You may second guess it, but ask yourself this: am I happier now that I made a choice and stood by it?

If the answer is yes, keep walking away.


Have you ever found yourself surrounded by your posse, your group, your circle of friends and wonder why some of them were in that category?

Some are meant to be in our lives for only a season.

It may feel like that season has been far too short. It may also feel like that season was never going to end.

Those closest to us know us the best. They have seen us at our best; they have seen us at our worst. Yet, they are still there at our side.

Those are the friends you hold on to! Tightly!

Just don't suffocate them.

Every. Single. Day. Spend time counting your blessings.

And every single day, do NOT forget to get on your knees and thank and praise Abba for those gifts and blessings.

No beyond any doubt from Whom they have come.

Don't cling to them. Cherish them, but freely share them with those around you.

I think it took me forever to grasp this one. Well, not truly forever, but it sure seemed that way.

And because of that, I now treasure that happiness and the reasons for it.

Mostly, my thanks for that go, of course, to Abba.

But, I try to remember the friends, teachers, coworkers and all the others who truly do make me feel like the richest person on the face of the earth.

You know that right? That there are people, places and some things that are so priceless there is no price tag that can be put on them.

Friends, family, even strangers, can put a smile on your face, as well as a smile in your heart.

Treasure them and those moments. Don't ever lose sight of them!

Amen! I had an elderly customer on the phone just yesterday. The entire time I was working on her case, she has a pretty nonsensical conversation going with her dog.

But the love between the two was very evident as I picked up pieces of the one-sided conversation.

Fraud calls are rarely fun, but very necessary. And reassuring the person on the other end of the line is something aren't required to do, but I feel it's necessary.

Before I let this woman go, I begged her for one more moment. I told her that I really needed to let her know I thought she had the most pleasant demeanor I have encountered in a long time.

You could hear her light up!

That's what we all need to learn to do, and learn to do more often.


Do I really even need to comment on this one?

Well, actually, I do.

I did not understand this concept for far too many years of my life.

Oh, but what a difference it has made in my life!!



I am sharing those with you even now. Just keep reading and absorbing.

Yes, they do. But always, at just the very right moment!

I am not a fan of surprises.

But these types of moments are appreciated and embraced when they happen!

Don't believe that?

Next time you stroll down the street, or the halls at work, or wherever, take not of the expressions on those around you.

I believe you will find some with smiles on their faces that not only light those faces up, but the space around them as well.

Don't you want to be that way, too?

It's the easiest way I know to be a light unto the world.

There are people around us who do not have our best interests at heart.

Some may be jealous.

They may not like the way we look, or dress, or speak, or even breathe.

No what? That's their problem. Not yours. Not mine.

If you need to walk away, be strong enough to do so. Don't look back.

Yes! You are still alive. You are still breathing. You still have food and drink. You still have the ability to walk, talk, and sing.

You still woke up this morning, right? And, you still have a bed waiting for you tonight?

What more would it take to make you realize how truly blessed and rich you are?

This is much the same sentiment as expressed a few photos above. Still, so important to be reminded of that.

You are rich in so many ways.

Perhaps your bank account doesn't seem that way.

Your paycheck may not impress you.

Yet, in ways far more important, look how rich you are.

You have friends who love you.

You have family who cherish you.

You have enough. That's all we need!

Exactly. Yesterday may have had some tough lessons.

Yet, today, I am putting into practice what I learned from them.

And tomorrow, I will do the same with lessons from today.

We are living, truly living, as long as we keep growing.

Well, some of those adventures may have crossed lines. Laughing out loud!

But those are memories that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!

Know what I mean? For you, I truly hope you answered yes to that.

If not, call me cause we are definitely going on a Vicki type adventure!

Yes. 'Nuff said.

If you do not believe in yourself, how can anyone else?

Look in the mirror and learn to love the person looking back at you.

Learn to forgive, learn to smile and laugh at yourself, learn that that person is very rich person who accepts you just as you are. Always. Forever.

No words necessary. You have the four you need. Love, honesty, truth, and respect.

For those around you.

For yourself.


And, I truly hope today is the first day of that adventure towards a new start.

If you aren't yet the best you that you believe you can be, at least you've made a start.

A new beginning.

Keep looking up. Keep looking forward. Keep looking inward.

You are awesome and you can do this!

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