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Bella - The Wonder Dog

The Dog Who Built a Home

Meet Bella Boo the Wonder Dog!

First, I am sure some of you will already know this, but just so we are all on the same page from the word go, let's find out what the word/name "Bella" means.

Per Merriam-Webster, it means the king and queen of trumps given a special scoring value in European card games. (Note 1)

Bella is a girls' name pronounced BELL-ah. It is of Italian and Latin origin, and the meaning of Bella is "beautiful". Also a short form of Isabel or Isabella (Hebrew) "God's promise". (Note 2)

"In Hungarian Baby Names the meaning of the name Bella is: Intelligent." (Note 3)

"In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Bella is: Intelligent." (Note 3, see above)

Well, according to me, that tells you all you need to know about this particular Bella seen in the photo at the top of the page. She is ALL of the above.

Her beginning in life was a little on the rocky side. She didn't know what love was until her Mom, Janet, adopted her.

Sadly, though, that means she never really went through the puppy equivalent of a childhood.

To this day, she doesn't know how to play like a dog. She does create her own fun and games, though.

Recently, those of you who follow Facebook will already know this, Bella has been very sick.

In fact, she nearly scared Momma Janet, Daddy Chris, and Auntie V out of their minds over the last couple of weeks.

Though still weak, she is rebounding and doing far better than we could have hoped for.

Yet, at somewhere in the vicinity of 18 years of age, she faces what many at the human equivalent do: incontinence.

Now, she has trouble with stairs and has to be helped up and down some of the time. At others, she bounds up almost like a pup again.

Sometimes, she feels like eating; others not so much.

Unless it's a slice of Boar's Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey. Then, that head snaps up at a speed that cannot be measured!

Bella recently acquired a new uncle, but she's not as familiar with him yet, nor has she been able to properly train him yet.

And, by train, I mean teach him how she expects to be cared for, fed, and loved.

Still, in a matter of two or so weeks, this wonder dog has made four individuals into a family and converted a house into a home.

Pretty powerful doggie, don't you think?

Let's face it, four-legged children do that to us. What's more, we joyfully allow them to do so, don't we?

Let's face another fact: there is no disputing the fact that Bella owns the place, lock, stock, and barrel.

Just ask her; she will woofily confirm this for you.

We do not know the future, but we all agree that, for whatever time God gives us to share that loveable ole fleabag, it will not be enough. But, every second of it will be cherished forever.

I can see all you pet-owned people nodding your heads in agreement.

So, please, take a few moments each and every day to love on your pet children. They are precious beyond measure and wealth.

Tell them that. Show them that. Cherish them with every breath you take.

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