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Black & White

I woke up this morning with these lyrics running through my head:

"The ink is black, the page is white

Together we learn to read and write."

Those go back a ways, don't they.

For those not familiar with them, they are from Three Dog Night's, "Black and White."

And it got my ole brain in gear.

These are most unusual times we are in. The world has turned upside down.

Some say it has gone completely crazy.


Yet, I have a question for you.

Is the world black and white or is it still in living, breathing, technicolor?

Can't it be a mixture of both?

Well, as a photographer, I am attracted to and by both.

So, I thought it would be fun to take 2-3 photos and have some fun.

I am going to post three of my photos.

Check it out!

Well, what do you think?

Bet you thought the color would lose some of it's appeal or beauty, eh?

Did it?

Even the sunrise?

I don't think it took a thing away from that shot. Do you?

Now, we have the ability to bring our imagination completely into play.

We have the ability, with our mind's eye, to see that photo how we WANT to see it.

Does the change make one of the two a better photo than the other?

I can hear a chorus of "Yes!" and "No!" through the internet.

This is like every thing else in the world - we all have our own opinion and thoughts, right?

Is that wrong?


In fact, it is hugely right!

We all need to have our own thoughts and opinions. We just need to realize and accept that every, single person around us has that very same right.

Are the colors I choose, better, more vivid, or more attractive than the colors you choose?


If pressed when asked if I think we should all believe just alike, dress just alike, eat just a like, read only the same books....well, all I can say is what a very boring world this would be.

I would NOT want to live in a world like that!

Would you?

I know I am a weirdo. I embrace that part of me because it helps me to fully enjoy and live my life. MY life. MY way.

And, I certainly hope and pray that you do the same.

I would not wish my life or choices on anyone.

Even if they asked me to help them make those choices.

Uh-uh, no way! BE YOURSELF!

And, you know something truly, incredibly awesome?

You are not stuck in any one mold.

You have the ability to constantly change, adapt, embrace something new, always working to become your best you.

So, please don't let the world change you or lock you into its choices.

All I wanted to do today was get some thought processes started.

Now, it's up to you.

Everyone visiting here can communicate to me via this page, or email offline, or write to me on Facebook.


Because this is a topic I would REALLY love to hear feedback on.

However, in the meantime, we have a brand new week, seven more days, to become our best selves. Or, at least continue on the journey towards our better selves.

Since I started this teasing all with some lyrics from a song from long, long ago, it's only fair that I share the song, right?

So, here you go.

Then please have a wonderful and marvelous week and all stay safe and well!

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