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Bossy Birds!

Do you know just how bossy birds can be? I mean just your every day wild birds?

Then again, my birds are well taken care of. They get top of the line bird seeds from Audubon.

Some would say the birds have trained me very well.

I say, that's probably true.

I should also mention that my squirrely friends, even though the bird feeder is truly squirrel proof, they get taken care of, too.

Anyone who knows me or knows that I pet sit, also knows I absolutely love animals.

To the point I have entire conversations with them.

And, firmly, truly believe they understand every word I say to them.

So, yes, if you are ever in the vicinity when I go out on the deck, you will hear me talking to the birds and squirrels.

Seriously, when the squirrels are in the trees at the very back of the yard and hear me filling the feeder and then all coming running down the top of the neighbors fence to watch, you tell me they don't know me and know what I am saying!

Then, there is the Osprey/Seahawk that has a nest at the back of the yard. I talked to that big guy/girl for the longest time. And then, one morning just after filling the bird feeder, I felt a breeze go over my head and heard a whoosh!

And there, lo and behold, sitting on top of the bird feeder not 3-4 feet from me was said Osprey/Seahawk. Just looking at me.

Well, until I whipped out my cell phone for a photo. Then just before the shutter clicked, Spree turned away.

Still got the photo.

Since that time Spree will come down and buzz me before flying back to the nest or in search of food.

A couple weekends ago, the neighbor was out doing yard work and we were just standing in the driveway talking.

All of a sudden he flinched. A BIG flinch.

Then I realized why as a familiar breeze washed over me.

He said, "You didn't even flinch and I thought he was going to hit you!"

I just laughed.

It's merely a game, or two friends saying hello to each other.

Well, sadly, I have been in the midst of a horrendous COPD flare.

I wasn't out of bird seeds; there was a brand new bag in the back of my car. But, I just could not make myself go out and get them.

To be fair to my fine-feathered friends, my ginger ale and coffee/hot chocolate water was in the car, too.

But the thought of just trying to make the walk out and back had me in tears. Just couldn't do it.

Now, to backtrack just a beat, there is a wren that has a nest in the eaves right over my room window. Every morning, she pops down and knocks on the window.

There are two cardinals that will tap on the back door when the feeder is empty. And a handful that will land on the roof when I am on the deck or filling the feeder.

What I am trying to say is, they know me.

So, as that empty feeder week progressed, I noticed pretty much all of my troop was perching outside my window looking for me.

I was sitting at the kitchen table one morning trying to muster up the energy to get logged into the phone for work. I wasn't paying attention to anything at the time, but suddenly I realized some very loud chirping - as in very close at hand. There on the chair right beside me was perched my favorite wren talking to me.

She had her say and then took off out the door!

I even looked up one morning to see Spree on the edge of the roof over the front porch just looking down at me.

Talk about a guilt trip!

Fortunately, within a day or two, I managed, somehow, to pull out a day during which I felt a bit better and felt like I could get to the car and back with their seeds and my bottle of ginger ale.

So, needless to say the seeds made my little bird family very happy, but not without some anger tossed my way.

I have been making a point to spend more time talking to them since then.

Even Mrs. Cardinal will now just sit on the feeder and look at me while I talk.

They know me, they are comfortable with me on the deck but, on the other side of it from them.

That's pretty cool.

Yet, it's a fine line to walk to make sure they do not lose a natural mistrust in we human animals. I want them to stay safe, of course!

But the titmouse was on the porch eating the other day - pictures on here of that - until all of a sudden, he launched into the air and was coming flying straight at me.

I don't want that. As cool as it is, the house is not their natural habitat.

I tried to say it in a normal voice, "whoa dude! Back the other way please!"

He did a circle right in front of me - and I DO mean right in front of me - and flew back out to the feeder.

You may have gathered that today's story has no real story. I just think my life can be very cool some times and wanted to share.

I hope you have something in your life that's close to the relationships I have with cats, dogs, horses, birds, squirrels, etc.

And, I also hope you have a wonderful week until we meet right back here next week. Please stay safe and well!!

And don't forget to spend some time with your four-legged friend!

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