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Build a Positive Life and Career

art 2: A Life and Career Built on Positivity

Now that we have all had a week to work on identifying and eliminating negative thinking and influences from ourselves and our environment, let's focus on rebuilding our lives and careers on a foundation of positive abundance.

First, let's learn what abundant means. From, it means present in great quantity; more than adequate; over sufficient. Well supplied with something heavy, generous, ample, riches, lavish and overflowing.

Sound like something you want in your life and career? Me, too!

Is it possible to live AND work in such a way that both our lives - work and home - are abundant? If you answered no, you probably need to walk away now.

If you answered yes, do you believe that one is going to overshadow the other? Or do you believe that you are the Captain steering your ship and that you can work out a life that will be abundant in both?

I truly hope that you answered yes to the latter.

It is a fine line, for sure. One thing we must all keep in mind, though, is that WE hold both the pencil and eraser that draws that fine line. To a HUGE extent, it is our choice to make that line equal in both halves of our lives.

It is, most definitely, a balancing act. No one can make the choices but us. And yes, we will have to make choices. Some will be easy; some will be very difficult.

Sacrifices will have to be made, but that requires us to think and rethink our priorities at regular intervals.

We have the ability to reach for the stars. We may not touch them, but if we don't try, we definitely will not reach them!

In our personal and business lives, we are surrounded by people. We can embrace them as teammates with mutual support, or we can let the Negative Nellies drag us down with them. We've already discussed this. Just do NOT forget: that pencil has an eraser. Use it wisely!

Does building an abundant life or career mean life will be a snap, and riches will be flowing our way while trouble runs from us? No!

According to, "...many have had lives of struggle, suffering, and pain, yet seemed to experience abundant life."

Or, "and yet, we find that these struggling people spoke of a deep-seated joy."

But, again, this is all about us and our choices. It's active choice too, for lack of a better wording, be happy, joyful and embrace the abundance.

"...don't get hung up on money when you see the word 'prosperous.' The key is to understand that we will not automatically receive material blessings and to acknowledge that we can be remarkably blessed and live an abundant life in the midst of difficult circumstances."

Wow!! We can be happy and successful in the midst of chaos and disaster? Indeed!

Don't get too wrapped up in I want, I need, I wish thinking. Do that and we may possibly lose out on a treasure right in front of us.

"Abundant life is not about what we have. It's not about what we get. It's not about what we claim!" Because, "at the end of the day, perhaps that is how we know we have an abundant life --- when we have shared our life with others."

And that can, and should, be done in both our personal and business lives.

However, as mentioned above, take care who you let into your inner circle. An energizer builds up; a negator tears down. It's a choice that must be made with much thought.

It's not easy and is often painful. Yet,

to have that abundant life to its fullest, it is necessary!

"Abundant life signifies a contrast of feelings of lack, emptiness, and motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and a change in their life!"

An abundant life is not just about gaining, earning, or building. It's also about what we give back to or share with others.

That can be anything from sharing a sandwich to hiring someone and helping them build a rewarding career.

It's not just about those individuals in our work lives. It could be coaching a team, mentoring a child, helping to build a playground, etc.

"Stewardship is not measured by what we have received, but by what we have given."

And that, my friends, is the very foundation on which to build an abundanct life and/or an abundant career!

Live wisely. When it's time to work, work as hard as a bee does. But, when it's time to shift to personal time, always stay the beautiful butterfly you were created to be, and soar high.

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