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Can We Show We Care Without Words?

Can one Show they care about others without words?

I certainly believe it's possible.

Right now, it seems the world has gone crazy and the things that people say to others just blows my mind.

So, many are afraid to say nice things to others in fear of getting blasted in response.

But, can we communicate without words?

Don't actions speak just as loudly as words? Or louder?

How about instead of throwing rocks at others, we fill up buckets and clean their house or yard for them?

Think they would hear that?

Or how about a gesture as simple as handing someone a flower?

Maybe you know someone who is lonely or just wants someone to talk with. How much effort does it take to reach out to them and share a conversation? Or a cup of coffee or tea? Or a quick sandwich?

Certainly doesn't cost as much as you will receive in return.

It especially won't cost much right now for a floral gift. Just look around! All the azaleas are certainly in full bloom.

If they happen to be in your yard, they are completely free to share with someone whose day it would make!

Why hey, I bet even if they were in a neighbors yard, they wouldn't mind you sharing them - or would barely charge a thing for them.

But, we will never know if we don't try, right?

Do you know the two most precious gifts at our disposal to share with someone?

Seriously? We had to stop and think about this one?

Here's a couple hints: something you make or grow yourself!

This has already been discussed. We agreed just how easy and inexpensive this option can be.

So, exactly what are we waiting for?

It costs just as little to call someone up and meet and get together just to chat!

Think about the last time you did just that.

There are many around us who feel like they have no one - and some who do NOT - have anyone to reach out to just talk to.

How truly sad is that?

Just throw together a simple gift, call up and make time to go visit, and share that simple gift with them.

How easy was that? You made someone's day, week, month, year, or more.

Now, how about if we each agree to make a list of.... how about five people to reach out to this week. Even if it's for no other reason than to say hello.

Can we agree to do just that?

If you are able or have the capability to put together some flowers, a gift, maybe offer to help with cleaning the house, or just go out, take a walk, breathe the fresh air and share time with someone you care about?

We don't really have to publicize that we are doing this or with whom.

In fact, I would prefer we don't.

But, let's make it happen anyway. Okay?

And, as always, if YOU feel the need to sit and chat, want to meet for a meal or a sandwich, or just want to get out of the house - CALL ME!! No, text me. Being on the phone at work, that is the far better option for me.

Until then, I found a song that (I think) puts into words what I have been trying to say this week.

Just scroll down a wee bit and hit play.

And then, until next week, be kind and be filled with Abba's Joy!

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