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Celebrate YOU!

As I am sitting here on the Fourth of July writing this, it seems appropriate that I chose a title like above: Celebrate YOU!

I think the last four plus months have been far more stressful than normal for most of us.

Some have been struggling with finances while trying to save or salvage businesses and careers.

The news is full of tales about the increased number of suicides across the country. Perhaps you have been struggling with those issues yourself. I promise you are not alone! And, I also promise that you have those in your life that would be there in a heartbeat if they knew of your struggles. So, now is the perfect time to begin the journey into learning how to celebrate YOU!

If I asked anyone in the business world right now "what is the single most important thing you should be doing for your business," that answer would NOT be "taking better care of myself."

Yet, it truly should be #1 on what may be a long list of things to do. Right?

So, anything we discuss today can and should be applied to our business lives and our non-business lives. All we discuss today, however, is aimed at our business life.

Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, in a Partnership, or part of a Corporation, you are responsible for the business, employees, customers, and at least three gazillion other things to keep track of. Right?

Tell me I am wrong... I'll wait...

Here's another question just for YOU: who is designated to take care of you? I believe I heard you say, "No one." Was that correct? Or perhaps, an over-worked, over tasked spouse?

Well, today, I propose that you make a promise, a commitment to YOU to celebrate YOU!

Today, pledge that you are now going to put yourself first so that you CAN take care of the rest.

I am not talking about a need to become selfish. Can we just label it the need to take better care of one's self? Sound good? Sound doable? Then, let's do this!

"And while there’s certainly some merit in being a selfless member of an organization, there’s also something to be said for taking time to ensure you’re emotionally and physically cared for. Put bluntly, it’s time for you to become more selfish and take care of your business." (Note 1)

It really is not difficult to do or take any of the suggestions found in the above reference. We just need to commit to making them happen. Regularly. Every day. If necessary, make an appointment with yourself on both your personal and business calendars every, single day!

As noted in Note 1, evaluate your diet. Not just what you eat, but how much and how fast.

Are you sleeping well? If not, why not?

Spend time with yourself. Take your temperature, so to speak, to see how you are doing mentally, physically, spiritually, and see if you are on track with your plans and goals.

Get outside. Take a walk. Ride a bike. Play tennis. Get the idea?

Don't forget outside commitments with family or friends. It's important to carve out time for them since they are important to your well-being.

If it's difficult (don't even use the word impossible!) to get time away, try taking mini-vacations. Stay at home, if necessary, but unplug from the world!

Commit to, and try very hard, to spend more time with family in family activities. Make sure everyone is having fun. Do NOT be afraid of FUN! It is your friend.

You may find yourself gaining a larger circle of friends. Know what? That is okay. Think of all the new activities you may become involved with. A side perk of that? A larger contact or resource list in the business and personal world.

It is absolutely vital that we each find ways to release stress and look for more reasons to smile and laugh. I did say VITAL, correct? It is NOT an understatement. It is very serious that we each do that.

In addition to the source mentioned above, here are links to two more excellent sites:

When I was in the military, dealing with suicide was an all too frequent occurrence. And, I might add, all the quarterly mandatory training did NOT prepare us to see someone in distress or need. In fact, those that I was personally close to never, ever exhibited the "classic signs."

Just a personal suggestion, but trust your intuition and if something doesn't feel right, have the guts, the courage, the caring factor to ask the difficult questions. It may, literally, save a life.

Sadly, I have been involved in that topic on Facebook the last couple of days. It is encouraging, to see some using that questionable platform to reach out to one in distress, but more encouraging to see it going offline and real time with personal visits and phone calls.

If YOU are in that position, as I have stated here before, never, ever hesitate to reach out. If you feel there is no one else, contact me!!!! Please!

We all deserve the opportunity to see our hard work paying off in our careers, to having a solid circle of friends and family, to enjoy time having fun and learning new hobbies or sports or something.

Don't put any of that off another day.

I can promise that if you make the commitment and honor it, you WILL see results.

Just promise me this: starting today, this very moment, you WILL celebrate YOU and continue to do so every day from now on. You ARE worth it. So is your business. Your family. And, everything else in your life.

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July! Now let's celebrate this awesome and great country we live in!

And, for a final treat:

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