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Come on, Make Me Laugh!

This is definitely not the blog I had planned for this week. But, for many reasons, I feel it is the right one for today. Hopefully, you will agree, and have a few laughs, too.

After six plus weeks of forced captivity, which combined working and sheltering in place at home, I took the opportunity for a brief escape this week to try out a couple of new cameras, breathe some fresh air, and walk in the sunshine while watching it glitter off the water at Trail's End.

That briefly sated my need to escape and make a true break for freedom. Briefly. It only took two days for that to wear off. And, so today, I am planning another adventure. A legal one. With cameras. Yes, there will be photos later.

But first, I want to know how YOU have survived this time. While officially working on both jobs from home, I have been working primarily on this site and photos. Of course, eight hours a day belong to my primary job. And, that's the one that requires mental breaks to recover and recharge from the work week.

So, PLEASE share in comments, email, text or on our Facebook page how you have been surviving. Also, have you been working from home during this time? Are you working on plans to relaunch and reopen your business?

Here in NC, we have absolutely no idea when we will be released. Someone is holding tight to that announcement as a surprise.

Someone who knows me well enough to know what a complete introvert I am, asked if I was thriving during this. After a chuckle, I said, "Y'know, six weeks ago, I said this time was like a lifelong dream coming true. Now? Not so much."

That's a wee bit misleading, however. It has been just me during this time. No roommates and no Bella Dog. But, that has never stopped me from having multiple conversations with myself or making jokes and laughing out loud and long while watching the life outside the window, as well as the nonsense running through my brain.

So, being alone is not a problem. Never is. What really bothers me to the point of distraction and insanity is being told to stay inside and not go to the beach, Trail's End, the parks, Airlie, the New Hanover Arboretum and any of my other favorite haunts.

If it hadn't been the flowering season (Achoo!), and keeping the bird feeder full so the birds were always around, I may have had to hurt someone. They kept some level of sanity on hand.

It is a sad statement to say that the highlight of more than one day was simply getting in the car and driving somewhere. Not to go in. Not to park. Not to visit. To just go. Somewhere. Anywhere. That happened more than a couple of times. It was my respite. My consolation. My release. My relief. Well, guess you get that picture, eh?

As an insatiable reader, I always have at least one book "in progress." It's not unusual for that to be two or three books "in progress." Even that hit a snag a time or two when I was just so depressed that all I could do was sit in a chair and stair out the window or the backdoor. Sad. And, not a happy Vicki place to be.

Hence, my escapes. Or, if you prefer, escapades. Oh, that sounds like more fun, doesn't it?

Here's one for you. I can't say a trip to the grocery is ever a highlight for me. A necessity at times, for sure. But fun? No. And, during this time, there were days that I just didn't want to go. Didn't matter that I had nothing to eat here. And, yes, I made do with a handful of almonds here and there until I reached the point that food became a necessity. Sad, isn't it?

That's enough of that. Now, is the time, to start gathering reasons to be grateful, thankful to still be working, still being able to buy food, still being able to get in the car to ride circles around the loop, to have birds, squirrels, skinks, and more to photograph, to get up in the morning and thank my Dear Abba for the gift of another day.

This is why there is so much angst and unrest in the country right now. I am determined to focus all of mine on improving what I can, reaching out and helping those than I am able to, and getting on with the business of life, work, and recreation time.

How about YOU? Has your adventure through emotional minefields been similar to mine? How have YOU survived? What are YOU doing to prepare for re-entry into the land of living free.

Well, now it's time to make plans for the coming week. And, to make plans on how to deal with all the dragons and naysayers who will trying to trip us up or divert us from our destinations. Be prepared, but remember to make plenty of time for laughter, recreation, those we care about, AND getting our businesses back on track!

Here's to a week filled with blessings for each and every one of you. Stay safe and see you next time around!

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