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This week, we are going in a completely different direction, but for this week only.

It is our goal to provide some resources about the Covid-19 virus, and by that, we do NOT mean mainstream media. Please turn off the news and read from these resources and adopt the tips from THE experts on how to stay safe, when to seek treatment, and more. Thank YOU!

What does COVID-19 stand for? (Note 1) “COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease in 2019,” said Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, at a press briefing.

She explained that there are many coronaviruses, and this style of naming will provide a format for referring to new coronavirus diseases in future years. “The virus itself is named by international group of virologists who will look into the taxonomy,” she said. “But it is important to have a name for this disease that everybody uses.”

Now, with that established. Please feel free to click o

n these links for more accurate, beneficial, and complete guidelines to follow: (Note 2) (Note 3) (Note 4)

We hope that these resources will keep YOU, your family, and all co-workers, employees, and employers healthy! We need that to resume our normal lives.

If you have additional information, please share and we will certainly add to this.

This is a time for us all to work together even though we cannot be together. Let's help each other out as we can. Let's be a little gentler and kinder. And, let's remember WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

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