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Creating Splashes of Joy by Capturing Moments of Beauty that Last Forever!

One day this past week, a conversation with a dear friend somehow included the question of why I don't pursue more sales from my photos.

Believe me, I get asked that all the time.

For one, I see the prices others (most of whom are are not trained nor truly professional) charge, I just can't. I would never overcharge someone that much for something I truly love doing this much. It would be, if nothing else, unethical to me.

For me, it's all about just loving and looking for those moments to capture, then working the photos. And, in doing that, I simply follow my heart and my eyes.

Sometimes, I come home with so many that a few may slip through the cracks.

Such as one morning this week. I was working on daily updates to this site and clicked to the next photo.

Without even thinking, I exclaimed out loud, "Whoa! Where did that come from?!"

Apparently on the day I was working that batch, my mind was in another mode. I had worked the photo, but again, my eyes or heart keyed on something else.

Like I said, I obviously worked it and then moved right along. Now, I would have to title that "Dancing with Sun," I think. And, would seriously get it framed and hung.

A whole series that continued in to the photos that I did key on. Don't get me wrong, they are spectacular, too, but to miss these!!

A couple weeks ago, I did the blog "Moments in Time." That's what my life and cameras are all about.

Everyone needs something in their life to be passionate about. Something that they must do to keep their sanity.

Something that causes them to roll out of bed in the morning besides just clocking in to earn the week's paycheck.

Don't you agree?

We have moments frequently that are unplanned, but moments that we dearly enjoy revisiting thru photos. Such as this guy giving me the same I look I get from all species frequently and often.

Some days, we just get to watch as someone spontaneously jumps for joy! If you have a camera with you, that can be caught forever for them and you!

Let's face it, how many time in life will you have an opportunity for a photo like that?

How many times will a seahawk swoosh right over your head and land on the bird feeder not three feet away from you? And, just what are the odds that your camera is right there with you? Odds? Slim to none. Value of a photo like that? Priceless!

No way could one ever plan a photo like this little bluebird making a new friend.

Moments that can't be planned, or easily reenacted are priceless. They are treasures. And, one should never go through the day without a way to capture those moments.

Sure, if you want professional photos, I would gladly work with you. But these, right here, are where my joy comes from.

Some people paint rocks, pictures, they build things, they do woodwork, well, the list goes on and on.

This right here is me. I would, and have, spend all day taking and working photos and enjoy every single moment of it.

So, as I told my friend, that's why I do what I do. Much like her reason for playing piano.

We ALL have that one joy-maker.

If you can't name yours, don't give up. It will come in its own time. Just keep your eyes and ears open to something that you just cannot get through the day without thinking about, daydreaming, planning, reading about... well, building a compulsion, a passion, an obsession about it.

Until then, just keep heart open, too. I always thought that music was "my thing" until the photography took over.


But, isn't that just how life goes? And, it makes for an awesome, fun-filled journey.

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