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Fly Me To The Moon

Surely, we have all dreamt, at one time or another, of flying to and walking on the moon, right? I know I am not the only one...

Is that my biggest goal? No, but I will admit that, at times in my life, I would have gone if the tickets to go weren't like 50 gazillion dollars.

We all have goals and dreams. Without those, what do we have?

My longest held and truest goal is to be the daughter my Abba created me to be. That is still a work in progress. I am, currently, a human becoming.

Still, I believe that Abba does want us to dream. They tend to be motivators to work for, and attention grabbers to help us stay focused.

Okay, I will let you all in on a little secret. One of my longest held hopes (maybe not so much a dream) is to win the lottery. Not for me. To have the funds to do so many things on a list I have written down. Such things as, helping people who are homeless finding suitable housing (with starter funds), helping them find jobs and preparing for those jobs, helping those with addictions to find appropriate treatment, and helping with funding, helping those with dreams of owning businesses to make those dreams reality, helping those in need of medical care to obtain it.....The list I actually have written down goes on for about five pages, front and back. Get the idea?

Would I love to do other things like purchase a van-sized camper and tour the entire US taking photos and creating photo books and calendars from that? Oh yeah!

Would I love to actually have a permanent home somewhere? Yes.

On the other hand, where would our world be if there had never been any dreamers? Better yet, dreamers who were also doers.

This is just my theory, and I have never actually done research to verify this, but, I think that those who dream, are relaxed enough to fall into a deep sleep and allow their brain to function without limits.

And, when the brain is allowed that freedom, the dreams just flow freely.

I don't know for sure, but, what do you think about that?

Dreams don't have to include the formula for world peace. They don't have to solve the issue of what we are doing to our planet. We may never, until Abba comes back, see world peace, but that doesn't mean we can't dream about it.

Don't belittle your's or anyone else's dreams. Perhaps there are some dreams that shouldn't be encouraged, but don't ever belittle anyone daring to dream.

In fact, encourage them to dream BIG!

In a slightly different direction, have you ever had something on your mind and you knew there was a solution or way to make it happen. Only, your brain wouldn't give up the answer?

I can hear everyone of you shaking your heads yes!

So, have you ever found, that after a peaceful night's sleep, you awake with vague memories of dreaming, and one of those dreams was your answer?

Amazing how that works, isn't it?

Quite possibly, the very reason Abba gave us the ability to dream...

As a step in making dreams come true, I always love to be able to pay for meals or groceries for someone working through a rough spot. It's possible to do that without them ever knowing about it, too, which really makes it fun.

Next time you are sitting in a restaurant, if you see someone, or perhaps a family, that might be dealing with money issues, buy their meal. Your waiter or waitress would love nothing better than to be your partner in doing so.

Or, if you see someone living on the streets, don't hand them money. Just don't hand them money. Did I say, don't just hand them money?

Find a grocery or a restaurant and buy them a meal. But them a coat, a pair of shoes, a blanket, a hat... well, you get it.

If you know of a young couple struggling to make ends meet, volunteer to babysit for them to have a date night. Hint: you might want to include movie tickets, or concert tickets, or something else to help them out, as well.

Hopefully, I have shown just how easy it can be. Truly, it is difficult to help others. And, it doesn't always take money.

How easy is it to smile at someone?

How easy is it to open the door?

Or carry a bag of groceries?

Or help catch a playful pup that has jerked his leash free?

Or to change a flat tire?

I really don't need to go on, do I?

For many people, music (or a music career), is the dream. I love music and often have my earbuds in while working photos or writing blogs.

It is soothing and helps inspire me.

I have shared songs in past blogs that have meant something to me for various reasons. So, of course, I have one today for that same reason.

It's just a happy, catchy tune and I thought I would share it with you. Though, it is probably not the version or singer you are familiar with. This is my favorite version of the song. Check it ou!

Incredible singer/musician and incredible version of the song written by Bart Howard in 1954, and still a great song today.

Check out this line from the song:

Fly me to the moon And let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars.

Or this one:

Fill my heart with song And let me sing forever more You are all I long for All I worship and adore.

What better way to phrase a song that may or may not be about dreams or dreaming?

That's what it says to me, anyway.

While I have been sitting here working on this, I asked friends on Facebook to share some of their dreams. It always amazes me how I think all my dreams are so singular to me.


I saw dreams of mine showing up on the others wish list.

If you ever need to realize how small our world really is, ask a question like that and sit back and read the responses.

Wow, see what happened there? Ask a simple question and look at the dream power that gets released. We need to do far more of that, don't we? Imagine how much better our world would be looking right now if we did.

I just couldn't go live with this blog without including responses from my friends who responded to my question of "Is there anything in the world you haven't done that you would like to do? For example, fly to the moon."

They never hesitated. So, here are the responses I got, but without names. Maybe you will find some of YOUR dreams listed here:

"I would love to go back to my senior year at PHS. I would definitely join the Coast Guard; Still my biggest and basically only regret in life.

As for something to do i would love to sky dive or scuba dive."

"Visit Hawaii."

"Take a train trip."

"I would love to go to the ISS......" (International Space Station)

"Small boat cruise along Canada/Alaska shoreline."

"Spend the night in all 50 states."

"Spend two years traveling around the US of A , all expenses paid of course. There's so much of this country that I have not seen and would like to by motor home,train and river boat with three of my friends."

"RV travel the US."

"See the Northern Lights!"

"Go to Ireland and see the house my Dad, your uncle, was born in. I have a picture and the address."


"Cross country trip hitting the National Parks along the way."

"I may be late Vicki Viall but I would love to see Israel."

"Definitely fly to the moon."

"Travel to my "homeland" in the UK."

"Make it to areas of Ireland next trip to see where ancestors lived. View the Northern lights. Trips to Italy and Greece. Move to the mountains and live in a kick ass tree house. Oh and Buy a place at the beach. That is the best of all worlds! Travel across the USA."

"Go to every Museum, across the United States."

"Ride a helicopter into the Grand Canyon."

"Dude ranch!! I know I am late but just saw it, oh Ye early risers!!!"

"Hot air balloon ride."

There are some incredible dreams listed right there! Hope you each have your dreams come true!

At any rate, that's it for this week, friends.

Here's hoping you each and everyone have a week filled with beautiful dreams.

See you next week!

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