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Half Full?

Do you consider yourself to be a positive or a negative person? Would others give the same answer about you?

When you look at a glass, do you see it as half full or half empty?

Before we get any deeper into this topic, let's look at a couple of definitions.

Optimist: a person who is inclined to be hopeful and to expect good outcomes; someone who is given to optimism. (Note 1)

Pessimist: a person who is inclined to expect poor outcomes; someone who is given to pessimism. (Note 2)

Now, would you give the same answer?

Most of my life, when asked that question, I would respond, "I am an optimistic pessimist." And, that's exactly how I saw myself.

But, the more I dealt with people across a desk or online or via telephone, the more I sought to see if that was truly me, or truly who I wanted to be.

My answer: No!

Having had the privilege to be around some truly optimistic individuals, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be more like them when I grew up.

Not sure I have reached the "grown up" stage yet, but I still want to be more like those individuals.

It's like they have an inner light, an inner glow that just warms you when you are in their presence.

I want that!

Don't you?

"A new study of 2,000 Americans found that people who view a glass as half-full not only think more optimistically, but it may line up with even more personality traits including decisiveness, playfulness, and creativity." (Note 3)

That same article continued with: "the new survey found that glass half-full thinkers, while being more optimistic, also tended to be more patient, more creative, more competitive, more adaptable and more playful than glass half-empty thinkers."

I'm still onboard with optimism. You?

Let's delve a little deeper in this article.

"On the other hand, glass half-empty thinkers tended to be more laid-back, more introverted, more serious and more proud than their half-full counterparts. Oddly enough, glass half-empty thinkers don’t always self-identify as pessimists. In fact, nearly half (48 percent) of glass half-empty types believe they’re more optimistic than pessimistic." (Same Note 3)

Well now, perhaps I was correct with the optimistic pessimist...

"When faced with personal setbacks, glass half-full respondents have an easier time quickly finding the silver lining. Nearly half of all respondents (46 percent) report that they’re trying to be more positive day-to-day." (Same Note 3)

AsapSCIENCE created a little video about this. Check it out:

No research is as good as asking the people in our circle. So, with that thought in mind, I posed that question to my peeps on Facebook.

As always, the answers were enlightening.

Once again, I am going to share those with you now, but, all identities remain anonymous.

"I always see it half full. I always look for the silver lining. Gotta stay positive in your life. I also keep a gratitude journal. Everyday I list something or many things I am grateful for. Have for years. It changes the way you think."

"Of course its best to see half full. I try to, but that’s hard to do all the time."

"Half full. Life is grand. I’m grateful for all that I am and all that I have on a daily basis. I say thank you throughout the day over the ordinary to the sublime occurrence. Always find the good - even in tough situations. What is the lesson? The lesson is the gift. If not seen immediately, you will in time."

"Definitely half full. Stay positive especially with everything that’s going on."

"Be positive be kind."

"It is better to see the glass half full because this puts a positive outlook on things. Some days I am thrilled that I even have a glass!!" "Yes I think it makes a big difference! Attitude is everything!"

"If it's half full, you can always refill it!"

Then, of course, there are always the opportunists who wait for just this discussion so they can scoop up the glasses and drink them empty for both sides.

Personally, I don't think either answer is more correct or wrong than the other.

I do, however, wholeheartedly believe they both determine how we see the world, those around us, and ourselves.

It doesn't mean we are doomed to forever be one of the other.

Like anything else in life, we are in charge of ourselves and have the power to make changes.

Some of those changes are quicker and/or easier than others. Some will take more time, determination, effort, and commitment.

This is the most wonderful thing about being a human becoming: we, and only us, have the final say about who we are and who we become. Isn't that wonderful?

One word of caution: the world will try to change you, they will tell you that you are wrong, that you aren't being true to yourself, that you have made an error, a mistake... and on and on and on.

Turn them off or tune them out!

YOU decide who YOU are and/or will be. No. One. Else. Ever. Has. That. Power. Over. You.

Got it? Good!

Another thing that is VERY important to keep in mind and heart: YOU are the creation of the one true and most loving Abba. And, He does not make mistakes. Ever!

This blog isn't going to make any powerful breakthroughs, but perhaps, just maybe, it will confirm that you are the wonderful person you want to be. Or, it might point out some ways to improve on the you that you currently are.

It's never too late to make adjustments, to grow, or to change direction.

Now, it's all on you.


Then get to it!

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