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How Do You Address Abba?

Most people do not have a clue that most of my college education was in Biblical Studies.

And, given a few minutes here, there, or anywhere, my nose is going to be in my Abba's Book!

It's like eating the best of the food available.

Nothing but fresh, clean air.

Unending nutrition.

The tastiest treats on earth.

Well, you get the idea, right?

I had to shelve this week's blog since I am having some connectivity issues from yesterday's little mini-hurricane.

No problem here! I like this topic FAR better.

Do you know any or all of Abba's Names?

Oh, He has many. Each speak volumes about Who He is, too.

The first one was started by a graphic I saw today on Priscilla Shirer's FB Page. So, huge thanks to her for sharing.

I don't want to take up ALL of your afternoon, but I will ask this one thing of you:

As you read through her graphic (well, both graphics, actually) pray over them and ask that Abba speak directly to YOU via each of His names.


You won't regret it. I promise.

Write them on your heart and mind and carry them with you always.

Here we go:

Again, when you stop and think about it, those names barely scratch the surface. But WHAT a scratch!

Let's start by taking a look at the second name: JEHOVAH-RAPHA. The Lord will heal.

It doesn't say, He will begin to heal. He will fade the scar. He will break your temperature. NO! It says He Will HEAL! Period.

You cannot and will not find a guarantee like that any other place on the planet or beyond. Nowhere!

How about JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH. The Lord is always Present.

Not now and then. Not once in awhile. Not for lunchtime. ALWAYS Present.

Think about it! You Never, Ever spend so much a fraction of a second without Him.


That may not amaze or astound you, but it sure does me!

It also fills me with peace. It brings me a sense of gratitude like no other. And, I never have a moment of loneliness. Why would I? My Abba is ALWAYS with me!

Spend some time absorbing some of Abba's other names. You may have a favorite. I do.

It always has been and will always be: Abba! He is my Abba!

Yet, He fully meets and matches ALL of the other names attributed to Him.

He is ALL things to ALL people.

The only being on the face of the earth - or beyond - EVER who can not only claim that, but BE that.

I have one more graphic that reached out and grabbed my attention today.

This from a FB friend who I think I originally met through banking. If I remember that wrong, my deepest and sincerest apologies, but Abba can put the most awesome Brothers and Sisters in our paths no matter where we or they are!

While this graphic is shorter, more succinct, it hits me just as powerfully with Who my Abba is!

Storms have the ability to overwhelm and overpower us; yesterday was a remember of that.

But there is NO storm possible to overpower our Abba. Nope. No way! No how!

He's my CALM. He's my SHELTER. He's my PEACE.

I hope and pray He is for you, too.

It is my fervent prayer for each of you today, to find His peace, His Calm, His Love, His Joy, an Eternity in His Presence worshipping and rejoicing at His Feet.

To close out today, only one song hit my heart. I am sure most of you are familiar with it. So, please, for me and with me, raise those hands and lift a hallelujah for our Good God Almighty!

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