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How Do You Recharge Your Batteries

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I am willing to betcha you are thinking in an entirely different direction than I am? Anyone want to take that bet?

Actually, I am not talking about batteries at all.

I do, however, think that our hearts and brains power and run us. Ergo, I consider them our batteries.

And, one can't work well without the other.

Hm, actually that may not be true. I have known some individuals that, seemingly, walked through life with very little in the brain department.

A battery is what keeps flashlights glowing, your car moving, your computer computing, you ears hearing - if you have hearing aids, and so many other things in our lives, as well.

We give very little thought to them until they burn out. Or, we take the time to recharge them. IF they are rechargeable, that is.

Doesn't that brief description above apply to both a human heart and a human brain?

They have to work together to keep us moving along on this path called life, right?

By the way, if you answered no to that, we need to have a chat offline later. ;)

Most batteries can now be recharged. I would be in a world of hurt ($$$) if my camera batteries weren't all rechargeable.

When going on a trip, that's the first thing that gets packed.

And, usually the second thing I grab before heading out the door any time. The first is checking to see if a battery is in the camera and how much life it has.

Then I check the memory card which, I think, semi-equates to our brains.

Recharging my camera batteries is a piece of cake: put in charger, plug in charger, and go read for awhile.

The memory card goes in my memory card reader, plugs in to a computer or an external hard drive so I can review pics and/or delete and clean the card off.

My job would be nearly impossible without both of those little gadgets that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Maybe I am way off track in my thinking, but, that has never stopped me before, right?

So, how DO we recharge our batteries?

To a great extent, they ARE rechargeable.

What? You disagree?

Actually that is okay and it is your right to do so. Still, allow me to ask you some questions, though. Okay?

Do you feed your heart and brain? Of course you do. We fuel our bodies, which includes both our brain and our heart.

Do you clean your brain and heart? You don't think I have an answer for this one do you. LOL!

Surprise, I do! We clean our brains by choosing what to read, what to remember, and what to listen to, among many other things. Hah, gotcha with that one, didn't I?

We do much the same with our heart. We (well, some people) actually eat healthy and exercise and choose or have learned to remain calm, and not get so stressed out.

All of that helps to "clean" the heart, keep it healthy, AND to recharge it.

Okay, you may or may not agree with me. That's okay! I would fear for the world if everyone in it agreed with everything I say and do. Seriously!


Back to the topic at hand, now.

There are many ways to recharge both hearts and brains.

For me, the numero uno has to be getting to or near the ocean, relaxing or walking while I just inhale that miraculous and curative salty air.

Another way, much to the chagrin of any around me, is listening to music and, usually singing along at the top of my lungs.

Trust me, that ain't purty!!

Even Bella has been known to run when it's just me and her in the house. She goes into hiding. Hey, she won't even howl along with me anymore. :(

It doesn't take her long to remember that Auntie V has the best treats and she comes back looking all apologetic. Um-hmmmmmm...

My mostest favorite way to recharge both my heart and brain is with a good book. Mostly, The Good Book.

It is not uncommon for me to be making my way through 2-3 books at the same time. Almost always, I have a paperback or two somewhere. And, there is always a choice of several books on Kindle.

And, that brings us back to batteries and recharging.

I plug in my phone (recharging) and read a good book, while I wait on that finish charging (me recharging).


I think I have proven my case.

But, I am very anxious and curious to hear what you have to say on the subject. Just how do you recharge?

I will see you right back here next week. Right now, I have to go recharge me while my computer is recharging.


"Why yes, the brain and the heart are batteries. Both operate on an electrical charge called synapses (which are in the first picture of your post) which involves an electrical or chemical impulse being discharged from one neuron cell to another. Another way to recharge the brain is to sleep! It has been discovered that when one sleeps for 6-8 hours the brain goes through a cleansing process, sort of like what a computer does when it is kicking out old data (defragging-I think that the correct term) or a virus. When one gets a good night's sleep the brain is fully recharged. I agree with you a healthy diet, besides doing things that feed the mind, heart, and soul, along with the body is important. When I was in nursing school, I learned about the BPSS factor (biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors). If one of these factors is out of balance, then the other factors will be affected in some way."

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