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I Am Turning Loose, Abba

I know many of you have seen a certain graphic on Facebook. Really surprised they left it on there. At any rate, it says SO MUCH!

I think about this. Often. Frequently. Yet, not often enough.

Do you ever have those moments, perhaps a tingle up your spine, after you've done or said something. Then, you stop and think, "Is that you, Abba?"

And then, we start wondering did we interfere with something He was doing, or was going to do?

I can, literally, not count high enough to cover all the times I know, for a fact, I just totally screwed up a gift He was preparing for me. Or, for those around me through me.

Some of you are no doubt laughing. Probably, because you have felt or done the same thing.

Still, it's not the least bit funny.

Just stop and think of the places we may have gone, the things we could have done, and the gifts that would be ours had we not interfered.

Or think of the gifts we could have given or shared with our brothers and sisters, but can't because we, well let's admit it, we screwed up!


We lack in discipline what we make up for with greed.

Wow! That's it indeed.

We stay focused on us like we are the center of the universe. Fat chance!

We are doing well to stay centered in our own universe.

Let me throw in a disclaimer here: today's blog is not meant to bring anyone down.

It's meant to point out that we can make a difference a change in our own lives when we just let go, and let God.

Or, as the graphic puts it: God, do your thang!

I am on a journey of self-discovery. Trying to learn more patience, more discipline, more kindness, more love, more obedience to my Abba.

When I saw that graphic, it's like someone put a bull's eye right over my heart.

I, for one, have much growth to go yet. I have SO much to learn - and unlearn.

I want to devour Abba's Word until it just oozes out of my pores

I want to reach the point that, if someone looks closely at my eyes, they will see Abba reflecting back at them.

I want to be an example of what Abba can do with a human heart and mind when given unfettered access.

I want to be a living, breathing, walking example of what Abba can do when we keep our minds and hearts on Him and our mouths shut.

How about any of you? Are you interested in embarking on this journey with me?

You don't have to acknowledge with an answer. Your decision is between you and Abba.

I just wanted to invite and encourage you.

And just look at the gift for you from me: a very short blog this week! :)

How about a couple of songs that are near and dear to my heart and that, I think, reflect on this topic.

See you next week. Til then, stay safe, stay well, stay blessed!

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