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I Have Completely Stumped Myself!

I sometimes play this games with myself to keep my mind and imagination in top shape. My all time favorite is "if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

My goodness, I have been stationed, lived in, and visited so many wonderful and fantastic places that I thought easy-peasy - and then realized I had completely stumped myself.

I have spent the better part of this week trying to break the log jam - and can't do it.

SO, it you suddenly won the lottery or whatever, WHERE or WHAT would you be doing? Help me out here!

The what I would be doing part is easy. But I am not serving that part up yet.

It's the where would I live if I could live absolutely anywhere.

For reals, I have visited and camped through Canada from Nova Scotia all the way through to the Rockies.

In the States, thanks to a Dad with as much wanderlust as I have, we camped pretty much every where.

If I say I have never been to California, I have been in the others.

The Navy helped with some of that. In fact, even though I loved everyone of my duty stations, I fell head over heels in love with the ambiance, history, and happy Chasn people during two tours in Charleston, SC. That's the one place, in the back of my mind, I have always believed I would head back to.

Before my Dad died, I sat down and made a list of places he wanted to go to.

At the top of that list was Charleston. So, we went. Sadly, he was in so much pain by that point, that I don't know how much he enjoyed it. He insisted on having dinner at his favorite restaurant on Shem Creek. What's more, he made a valiant effort to eat and enjoy the meal he ordered.

But, on my part, it was disheartening to see how the numbers of people had exploded, along with the commensurate growth of buildings, traffic, and noise.

I still have the softest spot in my heart and soul for the entire low country around Charleston. Perhaps, one day...

I also, loved my time in Fort Worth, TX and Fayetteville, AR. Both were special for different reasons, but are so geographically close. I could see me splitting time between the two.

Keeping in mind that is tornado alley, it always makes camping trips exciting. LOL!

Of course, Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming are all special and so close to my heart as well. Yes, even in the middle of winter.

I think about the Seattle are, at times. That's a possibility.

My heart will always be with the ocean, no matter where I am physically living. So, I have to throw out Maine, and of course, Nova Scotia which is so, very special to me since that is where my grandmother Viall and her mother, Great-Grandma Rose and Aunt Grace were all born. Not to mention how much like Ireland it is. And, such a special treat to hear English and French spoken all around.

This one always gets eye rolls and groans, but, I would dearly love to live in, or at least have an extended visit in Alaska. Yes, I would!

Do you have desires or dreams to live in or visit any of those places? Which ones?

My biggest problem is that, every 6 - 8 years, I get the itches. That's when I know my restless self needs to move, or take a trip. It's about that time.

Since my Abba knows in depth my dreams and goals on what I would do if I had the money, I leave it up to Him.

I am just trying to do my part and be prepared to go when he says, "My child it's time. Go!"

This is the point everything gets fuzzy, confusing, and so difficult.

I. Can't. Decide!!

I think a great solution with be an RV. But, at some point, I know I would have to stop and put roots down, at least for a time.

In the meantime...


I really would love to hear back from each of you if you have similar thoughts or desires.

Where would you go? Would it be a trip or would it be a move?

What draws you to that area? Have you ever been there before? What would your family say?.

Part of that dream is to take photos. LOTS of photos, and perhaps write travel shorts about the places, the people, the sites. Well, you know, right?

You don't have to tell me I am losing my mind. That, I have known for years. LOL! But, it is still a very real dream to me

Recently, I heard some feedback that made me believe I am NOT the only one with dreams. And not the only dreaming about traveling.

It would be SO easy for me at this point to post some photos. Not going to do that. I don't want to.

I want you, in words, to share your "photos" of what your trip, new home, or adventures would look like. Please?

That's the one thing that no other living being can take away from us: our ability to dream and paint pictures in our minds and hearts.

So, let's have some fun.




Then after you are done, PLEASE tell me where the one place I want to move to is?

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