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If I Could...

Today's blog is all about dreams. Perhaps dreams that have come true, some that haven't, and some that may be brand new.

Growing up, playing the If I Could game was almost as much fun as reading.

Okay, first of all, nothing is as much fun as reading, but it was surely close.

Secondly, that may not have been a real game. It may have been a game I made up for myself.

Still, I think it is fun, invigorating, inspiring, and refreshing to dream, or to revisit long shelved or forgotten dreams.

Just for an example, If I Could be anyone I wanted, I always wanted to be Supergirl. How could anyone not want to be able to fly? Or to run as fast as the speed of sound? Or strong enough to pick up a house and toss it?

I thought that, beyond just being cool, how wonderful it would be to fly high over people to watch for people in trouble, in need of help, or someone being the victim of a crime. Wouldn't that be great?! Just zip on down and help them out and then - zoom! - take off as fast as a flash without waiting for thanks or anything.

By the way, a subplot to that same game would be what super power would you really like to have? No brainer for me. I always wanted to be invisible whenever I wished it so. Not to spy on others, but to just be alone and unavailable for anyone to find or seek out for discussions or games or whatever, when I just needed to be alone.

If I Could do one thing I never have, what would it be? To parachute. Yes, seriously for real. I would also like to see what it was like since I am blind without my glasses.

To soar through the air before pulling the cord would be such a rush and so freeing. Even after pulling the cord, just the journey back to earth and being able to see forever would be beyond memorable.

Okay, it wouldn't literally be forever, but you would be able to see for miles.

If I Could learn anything what would it be? First of all, there are at least five languages I would love to learn to the point of being fluent in them. That will tie into another If I Could in a bit.

I would love to learn: French, real Irish, German, Italian, and Spanish. Do with that what you will, but those are the ones I would REALLY like to learn.

If I Could go anywhere I wanted, where would I go? Hm... I have been to most places in the States and Canada I wanted to go. Of course, you wouldn't need to twist my arm to talk me into going back to most of them again.

But, beyond that, hm...I would love to go to Ireland and Scotland, Austria, Germany, and then I draw a blank. But, that would be a perfect beginning list for me.

If I Could have any meal I wanted, what would it be? If ANY of you guessed anything other than Mac 'n Cheese, just please unfriend me now! LOL!

After that, though, it would have to be manicotti. And, garlic bread. And, for dessert, I think nothing bundt cake. Chocolate. Extra icing. Yum! NOW, I want some of all of the above.

If I Could have any car I wanted, what would it be? I am perfectly content with Lucy Cruze. However, if FORCED to dream up my dream car, it would a Duesenberg SJ. Oh man, if I could get one that was fire engine red, I would be a happy girl!

If I Could have any pet, I would have at least five dogs, five cats, and a horse or two. To begin with. Perhaps a couple of Alpacas.

Ah, who would I be kidding? I would love to have a zoo made up of rescue animals and provide them with their forever and ever home!

If I Could meet anyone from any moment in time, who would it be? Well, this is definitely a no-brainer, and One I know I shall meet one day, perhaps soon.

That would be my Abba!

You know what? I think we have covered my entire list. I would love to hear your list!

To be honest, the If I Could game is just another name for daydreaming. No matter what you call it, as I said above, it is always fun, invigorating, and inspiring.

The best part of this game is that you can turn that If I Could into Oh Yes I did!

How, you ask? Well, let's take Supergirl. I cannot fly and will never be able to like Supergirl, but I can still look around me as I go out for a walk or a drive. If I see someone that needs assistance, I can stop and lend a hand.

I still have the opportunity to go parachuting indoors like the place in Fayetteville, NC.

As long as we are alive and breathing, what's to stop us from learning a new language? Nada! Nothing! Zip! Except ourselves...

Well, I sort of did visit Ireland when I went to Nova Scotia. The signs there are in English, French, and Gaelic and the scenery could have been lifted up from Ireland and transplanted.

OR, I could purchase a ticket and get myself over to the real thing.

Manicotti is a given. There are two places in the area that make manicotti that will knock your socks off!

Adopting, or fostering animals is as easy as the nearest rescue organization.

And, I "See" my Abba every day. I see him in the world around me, the flowers, the birds, the weather, my heart.

The only one I have no control over and will never have (probably) is the Duesenberg. Oh well, can't have everything, right? ;)

The point is, as Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it."

Get up, get out, and get busy making it happen.

If you share any of your If I Coulds, and would allow me to do so, I would love to share them with everyone else. Why not help motivate and inspire someone else? It is free, after all. And, it will make you feel good for being able to help someone else.

Just think about.

And, don't forget to be back here the same time next week for another adventure in something. ;)

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