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Inspire Me!

Inspiration is so underrated. Especially during this period of "Covid Lock-down/Imprisonment."

Introverts and extroverts alike are suffering during this time due to life changes forced upon us.

We all know the extrovert needs to be engaged in hugging and touching and laughing and joking with groups of people. That is a definite "No can do" right now.

We introverts usually crave, need, and thrive during quiet and alone times. But, I think we have all discovered there are limits to even that. But, we also need time outdoors, at events, on excursions, etc.

That, too, is a "No can do" currently.

That is situation that is already anxiety inducing enough, then throw in a hurricane, hurricane shutters remaining in place for the foreseeable future, and dealing all day long with others walking on emotional tightropes, and you have a magic potion that can bring on insanity!

Nerves are raw. Tempers are short. And, thoughts or murder just might be creeping through some minds.

First, we all need to realize that none of us are the center of the entire universe. No, really, we aren't. I think we all have met some who do truly believe they are. Please don't break it to them, at this particular time, that they aren't; their fragile psyches would not be able to handle it. ;)

Second, there are those that can't recognize "personal boundaries" for those around them, not even in the best of times. During the times we are currently in, that may just be a trigger for receiving a punch or slap.

Third, as this forced lock-down continues, it is flat wearing some of us down and out!

We are tired of walking on eggshells. We are tired of being blasted for simply answering questions. We are worn out from guessing when it's safe to speak, or when that would be equivalent to taking a stroll through an active minefield.

We aren't mind readers. None of us. Yet, we are surrounded by folks who expect us to be.


Will induce additional anxiety that no one needs.

And, just an all out bad practice. Explain what you expect, want, or are thinking. Okay? It's just that simple.

Here's what is going to happen if things continue along those lines. We introverts will withdraw further into our worlds. Extroverts will be loudly vocal about how they aren't getting their way, being heard or answered, or just throw something.

Rather than trying to appease a customer, friend, or a family member who has already spent five minutes cursing me out for not personally reminding them about making a payment, an appointment, or something else that I had no clue about because it has never been mentioned, I am just going to sit there daydreaming or get up and walk away with a single word.

If that person is on the phone, I will select the option of daydreaming. Or, just maybe a quick walk around the office after I lay the headphones down. ;)

If it's not someone on the phone, I am going to get my happy butt out the door with my camera and search out some fresh air, no eggshells, and as much inspiration as I can find!

Even if it's is raining cats and dogs.

I don't care.

I need space.

I need quiet.

I need peace.

There are no time limits or constraints on inspiration. It's not just available between 8 am and 5 pm. It's not limited to one place or one person. And, it won't just come and knock on the door.

What inspires you? No, seriously, think about it. Just step back, stop, and think about it.

That is a no brainer for me: outdoors, nature, beach, camera, quiet, but the best is ALWAYS time with my Abba!

The outdoors has become a true treasure for me right now. And, with camera in hand, inspiration abounds all around me. I am in my element - AND - spending quality time with Abba at the same time.

When life r-e-a-l-l-y starts closing in, sometimes a good yell, scream, or punch will work, too. But, jail rarely sounds appealing, does it?

So, let's stick with inspiration as a release for lock-down anxiety.

The beach is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. Even the middle of a cloudy, stormy day, inspiration is there. All around. Just waiting for that inspiration to wrap around me and carry me away starts the relaxation process. It's just that quick!

All that I need to do is be open to it and keep my eyes and heart open, as well.

It lifts my spirits and mood and relaxes my raw nerves every time and like nothing else can or will. Ever.

Even in a car with the windows up in the middle of a storm, I am finding inspiration all around. Yes, there are photos to prove it. ;)

What works for you?

I don't know about you, but inspiration and motivation go hand-in-hand. The two, together, are what light and stoke my creative fire.

Somehow, without conscious thought, the blood pressure lowers, the anxiety does, as well, and a smile magically appears on my face and in my heart.

Perhaps, just maybe, until this enforced nightmare is over, we all need to make a promise to ourselves to find the time every day to step away and get inspired. We may need more than one inspiration time out every day. Just saying.

We all have parts of our lives we truly don't or can't control. These are the parts, I feel, that spark the anxiety. So, let's all agree to watch out for those signs and honor them with time to step back, or away and breathe!

If you aren't sure how to do this or need an adventure partner, call me! I am always up for adventure, especially now.

By the way, while sitting here writing this, I caught some inspiration on camera for you to enjoy!

Always embrace inspiration and the motivation it brings to us. Always take moments to just breathe and relax, and always, always, always, stay true to YOU!

Thanks for reading and sharing. Have a wonderfully inspiring and motivational week. Catch you next week.

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