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Is It Time To Build A Boat?

It seems like, with all the recent rains, it's time to give some thought to building a boat. Obviously, this week's blog is tongue-in-cheek, so take it for what it's worth and laugh a little!

Seriously, though, this area has set records the last two years for annual rainfall and, just this month alone, we already have almost 7" of rain. This year's total rainfall thus far is almost 34".

That's a lot of rain! Especially on soggy ground...

So, just for today, let's talk about building a boat. You know, just in case.

Have I ever built a boat? Well, if putting together models counts, then yes I have. Otherwise, hah!

So, the first thing I did was started searching for "easy to build boats." Here are the first few websites I came across. Feel free to use them, you know, just in case.

Now, you could be a spoilsport and just buy a boat. But, then, what's the fun in that, right? Just think of all the splinters, cuts, bruises, broken tools, cursing, spilled blood, and doctors visits you would miss out on.

You could find a friend that owns a boat(s) and ask to borrow one. Indefinitely. With a no-liability clause in writing. Somehow, I think that last part would make even the best friend turn and walk away.

You could stock up on just flotation devices. That might work depending on how long the floating would be necessary. Oh, and don't forget the gators all around the area. And snakes...

Maybe steal a boat? Well, that wouldn't turn out well in the long run, either. So, I would say a definite no on that one.

Build your house on higher ground or on stilts. Well, at this point, that may be a little late, but when it's time to replace your flooded home, that can be food for thought. You're welcome.

I haven't asked yet, but how good a swimmer are you? You know, just in case. And, how fast can you swim? You know, again, just in case.

I know this is very short today, but, as I just looked up and out the window, I see blue sky and sunshine. I think I would rather go out and enjoy that just now. Maybe we will revisit this topic when the rain returns tomorrow. You know, just in case.

Oh, by the way, just in case you are wondering, no, I don't have a boat. Yes, I can swim. No, I cannot out swim a gator or snake. So, I am leaving it in the Lord's hands to keep us all safe.

But, if you need someone to drive you to the hospital, clean and dress a wound, hammer nails, work a saw, or paint the boat, give me a call. You know, just in case.

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