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Is Your Life The Life You Planned?

Is your life the life you planned? Are you where you thought and/or planned to be at this stage in your life?


Oh, good Heavens, no! My life has taken so many twists and turns (some right, some wrong), reversals, and periods of being lost that it isn't even close. Not even remotely close.

That graphic right there could be a road map of my life thus far.

Not pretty is it?

Do I regret my life? Nope. Never. Not at all. None of it, not even the bad parts.

Every step, and turn (whether right or wrong) has made me the person that I am becoming. Not there yet; but making progress. And, that is fine by me.

Before we go any further, let's make sure we are clear on what I call the foundation of finding the life you planned. F-O-C-U-S.

Yep, that's it. Pretty simple, right.

Let's make sure, though, that we are clear on what focus means. Let's visit my good friend and check out the definition for focus:

1. a. center of activity, attraction, or attention;

b. a point of concentration.

2. a. directed attention: EMPHASIS.

3. b. a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.

c. adjustment for distinct vision.

Focus is important to every one of us, even if we are not always fully cognizant of that fact.

For me, as a photographer, focus is extremely important. It is one determining factor of whether a photograph is good or not.

For me, as a person, it's not as important nearly as often as it should be.

I am going to use two of my photos as an illustration. So excuse me just a moment while I upload those for that.

The focus is on this couple.
The focus here is on the sea grass.

Now, both photos are nice, but to you and anyone else looking at them, what determines if they are good-to-really good photos?

For me, it's what attracts my eye. The first photo is focused on the couple at the shoreline. I don't know them, or vice versa, but I didn't want to obscure them with the grass. I don't think I did.

But for you, perhaps the main attraction for you IS the sea grass, in which case, you would say the second photo is the better of the two.

Now, I could have used one of my photo-editing tricks and combined the two photos into one with perfect focus, but then how would I have gotten my point across?

That point is important. Vitally important, if you are planning, re-planning, or repairing your life.

I grew up in the same era as many of you. We all heard about one year, three year, and five year business and life plans. Right?

Yeah, I had trouble focusing on those. My attention was drawn in too many directions, or perhaps, to too many books that needed reading. So, that road map at the top is, truly, representative of my life. So far.

The big question we all need to deal with now is this: is it too late to change, correct, or redesign my life?

No. Just no. Make that a big NO!

Let's start here...

Personally, I see this graphic as a great starting point. It's not possible to truly start from scratch. Yet, this can be a perfect starting point in the beginning of the rest of the Life You Planned!

I want each of us to take a moment and fill in those circles. Yes, I mean YOU. I am doing this, too. So, help me out and let's all plan together.

No one can plan or design YOUR life but YOU

This is important, so listen up. No one. Let me repeat that: NO ONE can plan or design YOUR life but YOU. You get that, right? NO ONE.

So, the following steps are all up to, or on you. You have a blank canvas and you have the paint, and the paint brush. Use the above tools to lay a foundation. And then, let's start drawing and creating our best lives.

This is your life, your plan, your dream. Own it!

Since I have tried to make it perfectly clear that I am NO expert on life planning, this is the point I kind of wrap up today's blog and share some excellent resources on completing all of the above.

I just want to add one personal note. You can take it or leave it. You can use or ignore. That's all up to YOU.

But, the basis of my life, my entire being, is my Abba. And this comes straight from His Word, the Bible:

Yes, I made that extra-large sized for a reason!

Well, my friends, this new adventure is exciting. Hopefully, we are all taking the first step together on the way to creating, meeting, and being our very best selves.

If you would like to send back input to me, that would be awesome! I will not share it with anyone. I would just love to hear how this is working out for YOU. And, perhaps, your loved ones, too.

It is a journey, an adventure and I am more than ready to get started. How about YOU?

You, my friends, have an excellent weekend. Be safe and well. I will see you right back here next Saturday.

Life planning resources:

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