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Just. Reach. Out.

This year has been trying for so many. Isolation, lock-down, being told where we can go, with whom and when, Following signs on the floor to navigate through stores.... Need I go on?

When we are in pain, physical, emotional, or mental, reaching out is far from the easiest thing to do. In fact, many health and mental care experts will tell you just how impossible it can be to just reach out.

It sounds easy enough, but when one's hand feels like a block of cement, well, it ain't easy.

Take it in inches and centimetres. Just keep lifting. Then just swing the arm forward. Pretty soon, you will be reaching out to someone and they will be reaching out to you. Just. Don't Quit!

Some of us, nay, many of us have the natural inclination to walk away, hide away, run and hide... it's what introverts do. And, what we do best! We just function in a different place and level than others do.

However, at times like we have been experiencing since March, even I will concede there is a limit to "alone time."

Yes, I said that. I even put it down in writing.

If you are not an introvert, please do NOT make light of this. It is real. Being around people, noise, activity, light can be exhausting for us. So, please just be kind and honor our boundaries. Thank you!

On the other hand, there are those who do NOT function well with a lone time. At all. Ever. Never.

And, in times of isolation, they can get testy, ill-mannered, even mean-spirited. In fact, some have been raised with that kind of treatment and don't even realize they are exhibiting the same behaviors they grew up with and experienced.

Both types are suffering right now and most don't even realize it. Everyone is snappier with others. Quicker to anger. Striking out with nasty comments that aren't even meant. Well, we all have seen it, right?

Sometimes, for our own well-being and survival, we reach a point, THE point at which we have to cut those ties, walk away, put ourselves first.

It's tough, but it truly is an expression of self-love to do so.

There is only One who has the right to demean us, to belittle us, to tell us we are wrong, and/or to tell us what to do.

Yet, because our Abba loves us so, He never will. He just wants us to be the best YOU, ME, or US that we are capable of being. The ones He created us to be. In His image.

Keep that in mind the next time someone strikes out in anger or frustration. Or, you find yourself doing just that.

Literally, take a step back and just breathe! Count to 10. Sing your a, b, c's or whatever you find will work.

This would be the point that one would see me take a deep breath, turn away, and just start walking.

Maybe for a quick break. Maybe for longer. But, know that I have reached the point where, in order to survive, I need to be away.

Then, and ONLY then, can we help others. It's not selfish. If you are running on empty, how can you help anyone else, much less yourself.

Simple answer? You cannot.

Sometimes, we will cross paths with someone on the same journey and we will have someone to walk with.

That reminds me of a wise saying:

Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my friend!

There you have it.

Just be nice. Be kind. Be gentle. Be caring.

Only then can, and will we be truly living our lives. And, hopefully, helping others to live theirs, too.

Let's NOT live dead lives. Let's reach out to each other and help find our way.


Starting today.

What say you?

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