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Lose My Soul?

Have you ever heard the song "Lose My Soul" by TobyMac?

If not, you will find it at the bottom of this blog. Please listen to it. Doesn't matter if it's before you continue on the blog or after. Just please listen.

If you read the Bible, I am sure you have come across so many who were fully committed to serving the Lord and then got caught up in the results and methods more than the fact it was all for Abba's glory. Not mine. Not yours. Abba's!!

So many nights, when my head hits the pillow, I am thinking about how my day went, what would I have done differently at work, lunch could have been better if it had been Mac 'n Cheese, I should have gotten up earlier and walked further...

But, no. My heart and my mind are crushed as I realize how infrequently my thoughts were on Abba, and how few prayers I sent up for those around me.

Know what I mean?

We all have the best of intentions in the morning of things we are going to do, including being the Christian and Believer Abba's Word teaches us about.

That may last 60 seconds. Usually not even close to that once the day is off and running. Right?

I don't know about you, but frequently, the results and accolades are more important (FAR more important) than the lesson or task that Abba put in front of me.

Yet, following Abba leads us to the ultimate treasure - going Home!

TobyMac says it far better than I do:

"Lord forgive us when we get consumed

By the things of this world and fight for our love and our passion

As our eyes open wide on You, grant us the privilege of Your world

And may Your kingdom be what wakes us up and lays us down."

If you still have listened to the song, That's the last verse of it. NOW, put the blog aside and listen to the rest of it. Just scroll down.

Sometimes when we feel like Abba has put us in time out, He probably has. With no doubt, it's over an important lesson He put in front of us, and we just let it slide.

And we wonder why we aren't growing in His Word and Love like we should be.

It's so easy to have the best of intentions even as we let them slide into our best procrastination.

We should be ashamed. We should be brought to task by our Loving Abba. Yet, He remains our steadfast, loving Abba.

I don't want to continue down that path. Do you?

I need to spend MORE time in His Word.

I need to spend MORE time on my knees lifting those up around me, especially those who have requested prayers.

I need to spend MORE time reaching out to fellow believers.

I need to spend MORE time reaching out to unbelievers or those who don't even know about the Bible, or (gasp!) our Abba.

I need to spend MORE time thinking of others and far less focused on ME.

I need to be His Hands, His Legs, His Voice, His substitute teacher for those around me, His Loving Arms reaching out to those in need, and on, and on, and on.

Well, I am going to leave this all right here and let TobyMac continue it in a much better way than I can.

And, let's all work on focusing more on keeping our souls and MUCH less on doing, going, procrastinating, and spend MORE time with Abba. REALLY focused on and with Abba!

Check it out.

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