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Modern Marketing

The times, they have changed! It used to be that marketing was pretty much a print option only. Not anymore!

In fact, today that is MY question for YOU: do you even still use business cards?

I can't remember the last time someone asked me for my card or vice versa. In fact, I do not even print them for my own use any longer.

In the past, I spent hours working on print materials such as brochures, letterhead, business cards, print advertisements for magazines and newspapers, and newsletters for customers.

Now, it's all out there on social media.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there is a new social media platform every week?

I, personally, have joined and and have yet to add those links here on my website. How about you? Actually, come to think of it, I do also have a site that I never added, as well.

While one would think that social media marketing/advertising would make life easier, does it really?

Perhaps. Take into account all of the platforms available. They all seem to cater, primarily, to different age group sets. So,even though the same basic message may be shared on all platforms, they do need to be tweaked individually. Then again, it does not take more than a few extra minutes.

So perhaps it does, in fact, make it easier, just with a slightly longer time commitment involved. Which, if the returns are what they should be, is time well spent.

Also, proper SEO utilization was required for the optimal success. Even though many still mistakenly believe that, social media platforms and search engines have progressed to the point that is no longer true. Did you know that?

Not only have the platforms for advertising and marketing changed, so has the need to catch readers' attention from the word "go!"

That time frame has dwindled from about 15 seconds down to, pretty much, immediately.

Does your current marketing/advertising meet that criteria? If not, we need to talk!

Another misconception about social platforms is that it negates the need for professional assistance to prepare marketing and advertising materials. Many sites even offer their own assistance on that.

My first question to that is, "How much actual marketing and/or advertising experience do they have?"

Oh sure, they have the tech skills. But, that does not mean they know advertising, or how to tailor that to you and your business.

In doing this week's research, I found an article that states something other than that.

"It’s usually a mistake to try to cultivate followers on half a dozen or more social media channels. The person managing the social media efforts gets overwhelmed, off track, and the results end up being puny." (Note 1)

I disagree with that and here is why. In looking through all my friends and followers on my various sites, the age group and interest group is extremely diverse.

If I followed the above advice, I would lose half my target audience! That doesn't make sense to me. Does it to you?

As far as the rest of that statement, to make the same material appropriate for each platform and/or segment you are reaching for, it is very simple to tweak the same basic message. It will still impact the group you are aiming for. It will take little additional time since you need to post on each platform individually, anyway.

The basic approach to advertising and marketing has changed and it goes back to what I've already mentioned: the amount of time YOU have to grab your audience's attention.

All advertising used to be based on the verbiage. And, in that day and age, the audience read every single word, including the fine print.

Now, if you don't have just the right picture or graphic to grab their attention, you have already lost them.

I am not just saying this as a photographer, but, photography/graphics truly ARE the centerpiece, the introduction, and the major reason for success of any advertising or marketing that you use.

And, it's why having a professional photographer with an extensive advertising/marketing background is a must.

Even more important is to have someone in that job that you trust, who has proven they know YOU are the boss, and who will be willing to take the time to listen to YOUR plans, dreams, and desires to convey your message to your audience.

I would love to discuss just that with you. That discussion does not mean you are signing a contract; just that you are interested in juicing up your ads.

I can be reached at, or by the links on any of my social media, or by texting to 910-639-5563. Please no phone calls unless a voice mail is left. I am frequently with someone else or in the middle of a project and will need to get back to you. Which, I promise, I will do!

So, let's get caught up on social media platforms. Have you found any new ones recently?

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