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Moments in Time

While trying to decide on a topic for this week, I was coming up dry.

So, I sat at the kitchen table with the doors to the deck open watching the birds and squirrels benefiting from a newly filled bird feeder.

Of course, within easy reach, even as I type, are three of my many cameras. I rarely go anywhere that I don't have at least one camera within reach.


I want to remember moments as I go through life.

Seems like everyone now uses their phones to video everything.

Don't get me wrong; there is not one thing wrong with that.

But, I always ask the same question of them: how often to you actually sit down and watch the videos.

After some initial hemming and hawing, and a couple of shoulder shrugs, I get a response too mumbled to be comprehensible.

Again, videos are great!

But, when you are revisiting memories, be they times, people, places, events, or whatever, do you scroll through the entire time frame?

I am guessing you just answered no to that, right?

What you are reflecting on or pondering are specific moments in time, correct?

There! That's what I'm talking about.

That's exactly why I always have a camera within easy reach. Cause we never, ever know when those moments will happen. Those moments tend to be pure gold, too.

Why take a chance on missing something that important?

Most phones now have decent to pretty darn good cameras on them.

Still, are they on par with a real and decent camera? Uh, no. Really big no!

As I am still sitting here watching the wonders of nature out the back door, I just caught my first hummingbird of the year. He or she was checking out the tree beginning to blossom in the back corner.

Didn't flitter and float long, but it was a very special treat. And, I missed it. Rats!

That is also what I am talking about. We aren't and won't be able to catch every single moment we want to lock away and keep forever.

Guess what? That's okay. We still have an incredible receptacle in our heads called a brain and another equally incredible one in our chests called a heart.

Both are fully capable of recording and imprinting moments forever.

Or for at least as long as we are alive and they are functioning.

Here's a perfect example. I just looked up to see my friend, Squirrelmeister, stretched out on the bench on the deck. He was just eating away to beat the band. Perfectly comfortable, watching me out of the corner of his eye and pulling himself along as he followed the trail of seeds.

Now, that is not only relaxed, that's how comfortable some of the backyard nature has become in the presence of myself and a camera. LOL!

Still, how many do you know that have a permanent record of something like that?

Yes, before I am done, I will post that photo on here for you. Hopefully, it will bring a chuckle to your heart, a smile to your face, and another moment in time for future moments.

It's the same with kids. Through working for newspapers, just being at so many events, I have TONS of photos of kids. Excellent and time-worthy photos of kids.

They all have parents shaking their heads asking how I got the child to cooperate.

I didn't.

At my church when I lived in Fort Worth, I taught the four/five year old class. Any time someone poked their head in the door, looked around and asked the kids where their adult was, they would say, "We don't have one! But Miss Vicki is on the floor over there playing a game for Bible Time if you want her?"

Um, yeah, kids rarely consider me an adult. That's another story for another time.

But, that's the only secret I have.

I don't give them props.

I don't pose them.

I just let them be themselves and when they get comfortable, the photographic moments start rolling by.

Pretty much the same story for animals.

Haven't you found over the course of your life that the best moments are unplanned, and spontaneous?

Indeed, they are.

Patience does, in fact, pay off.

I just sit at the ready and either join in the conversation - or better yet - just sit there being ignored and snapping away.

A child who feels safe, who is comfortable, and enjoying the activities going on around them, is a child who is open to enjoying that moment and will be THE best model in the world. All on their own.

I have yet to meet a dog who is not the same way.

Now cats? You do know that dogs have owners, but cats have staff right?

So, it's a similar game, but in this case, bribes, cat nip, and toys are worth gold!

As you shall see, it's the same with squirrels, birds, well all God's creatures.

A little patience, a camera in hand, and pay attention - you will be rewarded.

Well, that's enough talking, don't you think?

I am going to put some pictures up with the blog and I hope you enjoy some smiles from them, because I certainly smiled sitting her getting them.

After that, scroll down just a bit and enjoy a video that I think is perfect to go with "Moments in Time."

So, until next week, keep looking for and embracing those moments and live your life out loud.

Just please stay safe and well and see you right back here next week.


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