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Never Host a Moment of Ingratitude

We have all have valid moments to wallow in ingratitude.

We will always find a reason, if we don't.

Take it from this one: DON'!

There may be a gazillion reasons in favor of it. Here is only one not to: God gave you today, so don't waste it. Find it's purpose, live it out loud, and be grateful for every single second of it.


Lecture over.

Not really; I just finally feel alive enough to joke again.

As most of you know, I am blessed(?) with advancing COPD. And about 7-8 months ago, I got slammed upside the head with something I was only vaguely aware of, even though I was previleged to suffer through them.

My COPD Healthline had an article on Exacerbations that published about the time I was finally coming through the other side of an Exacerbation.

Here are what you have to look forward to if you have never been through one:

-breathing in a fast and shallow pattern, as if you've just exercised very intensely.


-experiencing shortness of breath at rest or with minimal activity, such as walking from one room to another.

-feeling excessively sleepy or confused.

-having lower oxygen levels than normal.

-noticing increasing amounts of mucus, which is often yellow, green, tan, or even blood-tinged.

-wheezing more than usual.

One they felt free to leave off? Good luck breathing.

It's one of the few times that we are warned we may need to seek medical assistance.

Well, especially if you would like to see another sunrise.

If you have never experience the entire out of whack oxygen level thing, buckle up for that, too.

If you have never been forced to inhale oxygen, stand by for a rush with that first blast. And, the next few. Then the levels start going up and down and the fun pretty much stops.

To say that this child is still walking on planet earth is truly nothing short of a miracle.

To say that my Abba truly controls every aspect of me and my life is nothing short of an extremely true statement.

To say that I am beyond grateful for a few extra days is also an extremely true statement.

To say that I hope you or anyone else out there who learns something about COPD today and shares it, grows from it, or gains a few more days from it - well, yes, that is very true.

Do not ever take a moment for granted.

Do not waste a single second.

And, do not ever let a single day end without thanking Abba for all - ALL - He gives us every moment of every day.

Trust me, each moment is a miracle and a gift. Accept and embrace them!

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