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Normal Is On The Way

Normal is on the way. How do I know this? Because, for the first time in a month, I finally found a grocery store with some toilet paper on the shelves.

Now, with that being said, I didn't say it was going to happen today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month. I just said it's on the way. It is!

Therefore, now is the perfect time to shift our business thinking to a preconstruction status.


This uninvited visitor named Covid-19 has left as much devastation in its wake at a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane. Actually, more. So, yes, there is a lot of preconstruction and reconstruction to be done. And, that is starting now. Right this very minute.

This is what trees and plants do every year at the end of their growth cycle. They sprout new growth, they bloom, they fade and lose leaves and then hibernate before doing it all over again.

Even some animals and birds go through a similar cycle. They are here for a season, they migrate, and they return. It's life. Normal life.

Now, it's our turn. First things first, though. Sit down at your desk and just ponder the things that, pandemic or no pandemic, you would like to change or adjust in your business. Make a list.

Secondly, focus on the things in your business that were damaged the most. Can they be salvaged? Changed? Or, must something new take that place? Make another list.

Thirdly, how has this changed your staff? Will new staff be required? Will, sadly, some of the staff need to be let go? Can they be reassigned to other departments or responsibilities? Make a list.

Fourth, will your products or services continue as they were? If not, now is the time to turn your creative side on and start dreaming about how you want those to look in the near future?

Fifth, have you reevaluated or revamped your business plan, marketing materials, website, or your work space? You won't have a better time than now! At a minimum, get it all on paper.

Sixth, have you given thought to keeping your name brand out there even now? Never too early and never too late. It's tough enough in any market these days to grab an audience's attention. With everything going on with every business, every household, every mind, grabbing and maintaining that attention is going to a much tougher challenge. Start now!

And, that is where we come in. We are still here and still capable of partnering with you now, to assist you in all of the steps listed above.

Let us help make your goals and dreams part of your new and yet-to-come reality for your business.

Let us help verbalize and showcase that in such a manner that it will not only grab customer attention, but keep it!

Don't wait until the last minute and expect exceptional results. Those take time, planning, and then more planning.

Once all that is in place, you will have time to take a break. Not now, though.

Now, we have much work today. Call me. Even with social distancing, we can chat on the phone, online or text. Even though not face-to-face, we can still share a meal.

Don't wait another day. Start now to have your business ready to rush out of the starting gate when the world goes back to work.

We are ready to go. Call or text or email us NOW!

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