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Please Just Ask

This has been a week that has hammered home something to me, again.

This year since March has been difficult for many, many people. Just getting through each day has been an accomplishment for so many.

This was appreciation work at week, and that is where the seed for today's blog was planted.

This year, our appreciation and activities were all done online and via jabber.

The week celebrated a different decade each day and ended yesterday (Friday) with 2020. All the other days during the week, the interaction between all of us was, literally, non-stop during our work hours. We were laughing, joking, telling tales, and such. A couple of guys even went so far as to "dress up" and make a video to post - much to our amusement. Sorry, you had to be there to enjoy that one. ;)

Friday, however, was nothing like that.

Several co-workers expressed what a trial this year has been. And, still is.

No one was prepared for the separation from friends at work. Yes, we "see" each other's comments daily and are able to say hello back and forth, but it's not like going to the center and spending the day with a room full of friends.

It reminded me how even I, the queen of solitariness, has been overwhelmed with the lack of social contact and just actually laying eyes on friends and co-workers. It has actually been a treat over the last few months to just have to go to the center to turn in or exchange equipment and see some of security that we haven't seen since we walked out the door.

Anyway, i was talking to a customer and we were near the end of the conversation when she mentioned just "how weary and worn out I am."

I said I was sorry to hear that and asked if she had been sick.

No, she said. She stated she is in healthcare and has had nonstop client appointments at least 6 days a week since March.

I asked if she is a doctor or nurse. She said she is a psychologist.

I said, "Oh boy! My hat's off to you and my thanks for all you have been doing. Especially with an area of health that is largely ignored even in the best of times."

I could hear by her voice that she was tearing up. So, I said, "You have helped so many. What can I do to help you? I mean, besides praying with you?"

She said that I had helped her just by listening. Sadly, we hadn't even talked much at that point, but I did let her say what she needed to say before that.

I told her if she ever needed to talk more, she could call me back anytime and I would listen, talk, or whatever she needed to help her.

I told some co-workers the same thing since what they had voiced was very similar to that. And, I meant it truly and sincerely.

It's just that easy. We are ALL having a difficult time. I was surprised by the comments from a few co-workers that I wasn't expecting to voice that type of comment. It did make me realize that it is affecting ALL of us. Every, single one of us.

Since we are still social distancing and so many places are still closed and/or limited, we all need someone just to talk to, to listen, to just simply be there.

Call someone, and please, just ask how they are doing.

Or arrange to meet at the park, or anywhere, and just talk about life, in general. Ask if they need anything.

It's that simple, folks. Really, just that easy. And, it will be at least as beneficial for us!

So, this week, with a shorter than normal blog, I am asking you each to make me a promise: this week, you are going to pick at least one person to reach out to and check up on them. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them if they need anything. Ask them if they want to talk. Make sure they know you are there for them. Hopefully, they will offer the same in return. If not, call me!

Whatever else we each do this week, please take a moment each day to just be grateful for who and what you are, for Whose you are, and for the gift of one more day.

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