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To Be or not to Be.

If you check our webpage most every day, you will find some spectacular quotes on such things as what happened this day in history, as well as quotes to make you smile, or to motivate us to be more positive.

I don't just hunt them down every day.

I read them.

Some of them I go back to more than a couple of times during the day simply because they were that funny, or I really needed motivation to be more positive.

I have found over the years that feeding my mind, my heart, and my soul with positive things does make me think more positive.

And, starting the day with a chuckle or an outright laugh is worth more than gold.

Both set the stage for the day. And, as I encounter people who only want to scream, yell, and curse at me, I just sit there and tell myself the reason to smile for the day and revisit the positive thought for the day.

By that time the sterling character on the other end of the phone has had time to run out of steam.

That, too, is a BIG reason to smile - or laugh with the phone on mute.

I also try to include quotes on our photography page. I don't think a photo needs words to improve or define it. I do, however, find that a good quote will help implant that photo on the mind and the heart.

Why do I go to all the effort to track those quotes and historic tidbits down?

Because I love to learn. I love to read. And, I love to smile and laugh.

Isn't that reason enough?

If not, I want to help YOUR day be a bit brighter, a bit happier, and to see a beautiful smile on your face and in your heart.

Sharing smiles, laughs, and kind words can start a ripple effect.

You smile at one person, they pass a smile on to others who in turn pass on more smiles.

See how that works?

Just like tossing a pebble into a lake. It's always fascinated me to watch the ripples multiply and grow and keep on going!

I know that I can't change the world. Perhaps you can't either.

Yet, we can, for at least one moment, make someone else's life brighter, less burdened.

Just look at today's reason to smile:

Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give. So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine in a sometimes dreary world.

Lawrence G. Lovasik

See? Now that is what I am talking about!!

Check out today's positive motivation:

The best thing to do when you find yourself in a hurting or vulnerable place is to surround yourself with the strongest, finest, most positive people you know.

Kristin Armstrong

Yes, yes, yes! That's it exactly!

What you do for someone else will truly circle right back to you.

Just give it a try. Or, if you already live this way, share this with someone else who may really need some help.

Together, you and I can light a fire that will brighten the lives of those around us.

What do you say? Are you onboard?

We've got this, so let's get 'er done!

Just remember to be happy for the right reasons and through innocent, positive means and methods.

Be the sunrise for someone's day!

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