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What Do You Treasure?

Don't take that question lightly. It can pack a powerful punch. Many go through life treasuring "things." Too often, we realize belatedly what true treasures are.

So, take a few minutes and REALLY think about this: what do you treasure?

I will try to help you out just a bit on this.

According to dictionary. com:

1: wealth or riches stored or accumulated, especially in the form of precious metals, money, jewels, or plate.

2: wealth, rich materials, or valuable things.

3: any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized.

Merriam-Webster strongly agrees:

1. (a): wealth (such as money, jewels, or precious metals) stored up or hoarded buried treasure (b): wealth of any kind or in any form : RICHES b: a store of money in reserve

2. something of great worth or value also : a person esteemed as rare or precious

3. a collection of precious things.

Every Christmas for the last three years, I started reading the Book of Luke starting with Chapter 1 on December 1. During one day of reading this week, I came a cross a verse I have read more times than I can count. This year, it really touched me to the core of my heart.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Luke 12:34

Want to rethink anything on the list you just made?

I will share things I treasure with you:


Time spent with horses.

Playing with dogs, cats, and kids.

Watching ducks, geese, pelicans, et al, in fight.

Watching the sunrise and sunset.

Watching snowflakes floating down and trying to catch them on my tongue.

The smell of the blossoms on a tulip tree.

The smell of freshly mown hay or grass.

Seeing someone's face light up with a smile that makes their face glow.

The sound of laughter.

The sound of raindrops hitting the leaves outside my window.

Listening to music.

My Bibles.




Oh, and reading.

Peace and quiet - either alone or with someone special.

Sitting at the beach, breathing salt air while just listening to the waves.

Watching a child or an animal see me and come running at me with smiles on their faces - just because they can sense how much I enjoy their presence.

Meaningful conversations about life.

Every moment spent in prayer.

Back when I was stationed in Fayetteville, AR and then Fort Worth, TX, Amy Grant was huge in music, both pop and Christian.

I had the privilege and pleasure of seeing her and Gary Chapman in concert many times. That was the first time I ever heard Gary Chapman sing "Treasure."

Wow, did that hit me dead center in the heart! A true bull's eye! It just so happened, that I was reading Luke at that particular time. And, that night, I was in Chapter 12. I nearly fell over when I got to verse 34.


Not a chance.

I sat down and read the lyrics for Gary's song. Back then, the CDs came with the lyrics in the liner. Remember that?

If you aren't familiar with this song, I am going to share the lyrics with you. Please take a moment and soak them up:


By Gary Chapman

They say that where your treasure is

There will your heart be also

And your heart stays where you hide your greatest love

Now you can leave that love on earth

Where thieves may steal tomorrow

Or you can take it to

That hiding place above

Where there's a treasure at the end

Of this narrow road I'm traveling

And it gives me a purpose for my life

Jesus is my treasure

He's the reason that I am living

And he's gonna be my reason when I die

So if you've been wondering where you are

And where it is you're going

He's left a map for you and me to use

Just read the map and follow close

Always walking where it's showing

You just can't miss it

It's way too much to lose

See there's a treasure at the end

Of this narrow road I'm traveling

And it gives me a purpose for my life

Jesus is my treasure

He's the reason that I'm still living

And he's gonna be my reason when I die

Now there's a treasure at the end

Of this narrow road that I've been trying to travel

And it gives me purpose for my life

Jesus is my treasure

He's the reason that I'm still living

And he's gonna be my reason when I die

Yeah, he'll still be my reason when I die

Some are amazed that I can, and have, walked away from pretty much everything I owned. Why? Because I was at a crossroad and felt that Abba was nudging me in a different direction. But, to get there, I needed to clean the distractions, the possessions, the treasures out of my life.

What I needed most of all, was to step back and reevaluate exactly what were my treasures. I can guarantee it was not the list above.

When one takes time to stop and think just how short our time here on earth is, we can become open to what the things are that should be of importance to us. The things that we need to keep and the things that we need to let go.

The most important thing in most of our lives are those we choose to spend time with and who we choose to spend time with us. Yet, honestly, we all have people around us who may not be good choices, may belittle us, may lie, steal or cheat from us, may only spend time with us for who we are or what we have.

Those are NOT the people we need to be surrounded with. Occasionally, Abba will prompt us to step back and reevaluate even our human treasures.

Sadly, there are too many times when one of our human treasures become sick, perhaps die, or get in accidents, or move away, or decide WE aren't one of their treasures.

That's part of life and part of growth. It can, and yes it does, hurt. I will admit I have lost people in my life and it felt like it was going to, literally, kill me.

Did it?


It closed a part of my life, a chapter, that needed to change. It hurt. but, after a time, the sure knowledge that it had been needed, and that better things were ahead, broke through. It was like the lightbulb in my heart was replaced with a brand new lightbulb and it allowed my heart to glow brightly once again.

Yet, when Abba does take one from our life, He always fills our hearts with memories of times together, jokes and laughs shared, and tears that were shed for and with each other.

THAT is a true treasure right there.

I am not going to preach at you. Well, no more than I may have already. Mainly, I just wanted to share what Abba put on my heart the last few days.

Treasures are important. We all have them. We just need to make sure we are treasuring the right things and people.

I am going to leave you with Gary Chapman singing "Treasure." I love you, my friends. Take care and stay safe, well, and blessed!

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