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When To Let Go

It's never, ever easy to say goodbye to ones we love.

It doesn't matter if they are two-or-four legged, nor whether they are covered by skin or fur coats.

It is a wicked, rough time and a heck of a decision to make.

After sharing and giving so much love for so long, the last thing we want to do is let go.

No, I take that back. The last thing we want to make them do is suffer longer than they need to.

The one thing I always knew with either my cats or dogs was to listen to them, to watch them. They WILL tell you when it's time.

I am going to put up a number of websites written just to help make this decision.

They will provide things to look for, such as if your baby is is pain, if it's not yet time, or if it's past time.

Please take time to read whether you are going through this right now or not. You may know someone who is, and feel free to share with them to help them make the right decision at the right time.

Note 1:

Note 2:

Note 3:

Note 4:

Note 5:

Note 6:

Note 7:

Note 8:

Note 9:

Note 10:

Note 11:

Note 12:

Those are but a handful, but very comprehensive in knowledge and advice.

Will it make the decision easier? I hope it will.

Nothing will dull the pain or shorten the grieving, but at least we will know we aren't the only ones going through this.

Please, please, please, do not let the dog or cat suffer longer than they must. This is the time to step up and actually love them enough to let them go.

It hurts like hell, for sure. But think about what they are going through.

I truly believe they know what is happening and don't want to let you go either. But they are tired, they are hurting, they are probably ready to go.

Just PLEASE listen to them and do right by them!

And know my heart and prayers are reaching out to all who are or have been or will be going through the same thing.

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