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Who Is Smarter: Animal or Human?

It's not a trick question, honest. Just looking for opinions. You'll get mine, so you might as well share your's, too.

No research other than first hand having spent all of it among a plethora of animals and humans.

Good thing I didn't ask who is more honest. That would be a hands-down win for the animals!!

At any rate, I will admit my opinion is colored having been abused by the humans who were supposed, to love, support, guide, nurture, etc., etc., this kid.

And since humans were such a let down, I chose to spend most of my time with four-legged types.

They proved to be more loving than many of the humans I knew. As far as I could tell, they were definitely more honest. They never harmed me except when a hand would get between them and a morsel of food. Or they were getting "tickled" when they didn't want to be tickled.

After watching squirrels, the argument that an animal isn't capable of thinking through an issue to a solution is hogwash!

Yes, my friend Squirrely is still trying to get around two squirrel proof birdfeeders, but at the same time, he has never quit trying.

Most humans in that position, give it a try or two, or maybe three; then they throw their hands up and walk away.

C'mon! You know I am right. Just be honest, and admit it. LOL!

Another thing that animals beat us humans at it the ability to love.

They love us freely. They place no strings or conditions on that love.

Even if it is not their choice at that particular moment, they will come around and start purring and loving you right back.

Granted, their are animals that can't be included in this. Snakes come to mind. Certain animals that have been raised in abusive conditions. (I can relate to that!)

But, on an even playing field, I still vote for animals for the win.

With all their smarts, though, the one area that animals don't do so well in is in the longevity department.

We know upfront that, between animals and humans, chances are better than good that the human will live longer.

That just seems upside down to me with a large number of humans.

How many times have you been down, I mean really down, and yet not a human approaches or attempts to jump in and help.

A cat, dog, or other pet may not be able to speak in human words, but I guarantee they won't ask a question, they won't offer unwanted advice. They will simple snuggle up, purr or just keep looking at you with the most caring expression and keep a paw on you.

The only time they will attempt to rouse you will be as their perceived meal time approaches, but can you really blame them for that? I am the same way.

Well, honestly, I could go on with this subject for hours, but I want to leave this out there and see what kind of responses we get back on here or on Facebook.

Feel free to cut loose and have some fun with this. Just keep it polite and clean, okay?

Oh, and have a great weekend. Please stay safe and well. And, make sure you give your best friend - the four-legged one - a big, ole hug from the Vickster!

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