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Words versus Pictures

This really isn't a poll; just food for thought. However, what catches our attention first, words or pictures? And, which truly captures our attention longer than a quick glance?

For me, pictures attract attention first and help hold my attention, but words convey the true message.

Can one work without the other? Sure. That would be like a 6-speed car with only 4 speeds working. Wouldn't be as efficient or as dependable, now, would it?

Let's look at some words and then see how some pictures may verify, negate, or change what we "saw" through the words.

If you read a sentence containing the word "gas," most of us would assume it means fuel for a car, heat, of tools. It also can mean fart, vapors, or flatulence. In other words, we may have missed the mark with our assumptions.

Now, suppose with the word "gas," we see a picture of a gas/service station. Then, the meaning is much clearer, right?

Okay, let's try this now with two words: smelly and fragrant. Just for our word game, the let's assume the topic is about perfume or aftershave.

Have you ever passed someone or entered a room and caught a whiff of someone's aftershave or perfume? Of course, you have! I don't know about you, but I usually have a memory, good or bad, of someone I equate that fragrance to.

If I think of a pleasant memory, it's a pleasant smell. If the memory is not so good, I'd probably rather smell flatulence. Know what I mean?

So, in that instance, an attached photo might swing our reaction the scent we encountered as a good smell.

Last word pair: ugly and beautiful.

If you ever spend time in the Land of Facebook, you have surely seen a picture of an outside-the-norm child or animal with a caption like, "I bet I won't get even one like."

So, if you have no picture, and are dependent on just words, we probably buy into the perception that the caption is correct.

But, a photo allows us to see the imperfection alluded to, and we can clearly see for ourselves that the child or animal is, in fact, cute and adorable.

Does all this work in reverse? Oh, yeah!

This is why, if you ask us to partner with you, we want to convey YOUR message to YOUR customers in such a manner they will know YOUR meaning.

For examples, even a smelly, overflowing trashcan

may convey the message to YOUR customers that YOU are the only - ONLY - person or company who can make the trashcan sparkling clean and remove all the perceived and real odors the picture planted in their minds.

Now, ready to shoot us an email or phone call and get the ball rolling?

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