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from readers and fans:

"I wanted to reach out to tell you how much I appreciate your article here

Thank you for providing such a great resource, it really shared some interesting insights!

I was surprised to read how impactful logos' colors could be in people's perceptions of a business and why carefully choosing your logo's color is crucial for your business' performance.

Anyways, I thought it was an excellent read, and I am sure your readers will enjoy and appreciate it as well if you add it to your article. :)"

Thank you, Vicki, for this post! I needed to be reminded of how powerful words are. I tend to be hard on myself, while showing mercy to others.

Thank you, Vicki, for your post to educate those of us who don't know what a panic or anxiety attack is, or what it is like to suffer with COPD. I don't know what it is like to suffer with COPD, but as a nurse, I know about COPD studying about it and from caring for people who suffer with this horrible disease. However, I know what it is like to suffer from anxiety attacks. Ever since the onset of menopause, I started having panic attacks that are triggered by certain situations that never use to bother me. As for your comments about COVID, I agree with you. - from one of my blogs.


WOW! What an extremely important post you wrote, Vicki! As I was reading this post, it seems to me that not only is the Gas Lighter mentally ill, there is a very serious spiritual problem going on. The devil is providing the Gas Lighter the fuel to fan the flames! - from one of my blogs.


"Really nice design and good subject material. Please also check my website. I love cars!" - from one of my blogs.


 "I got what you intend, bookmarked, very decent website." - from one of my blogs.

"There are certain people who are homebound or don't get much because of health issues during this covid-19 event. I guess that is the nurse in me, wanting to be sure to reach out to those who are in need of being in communication with others." - from one of my blogs.


"Definitely, what a great blog and revealing posts, I definitely will bookmark your site. Best Regards!" - from one of my blogs.

"I liked the poem that you included in your blog post. That poem hits the nail on the head, as it talks about what we really need and seem to never get enough of." - from one of my blogs.


"I’m extremely pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read!! I absolutely enjoyed every part of it and i also have you bookmarked to see new stuff in your site." - from one of my blogs.

"If I could have a superpower, it would be able to bi-locate, which means I could at will stay at home tending to household chores, while visiting my parents in Montana. I would like to go to Ireland, France, and Germany to visit my ancestral homelands. I would like to learn how to speak their languages as well. I would like to visit the southwestern part of the US. I have already traveled to the US Virgin Islands. I would love to own a horse or two, a cat or two, besides my two greyhounds. One if I could dream came true in July 2019, I was able to see my favorite Rock Artist Jeff Lynne of ELO perform in Nashville. My family purchased my ticket as a 2018 Christmas present. My husband, daughter and her boyfriend went with me to the concert." - from one of my blogs.

"Hello to every one, the contents present at this site are genuinely remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows." - from one of my blogs.

"Why yes, the brain and the heart are batteries. Both operate on an electrical charge called synapses (which are in the first picture of your post) which involves an electrical or chemical impulse being discharged from one neuron cell to another. Another way to recharge the brain is to sleep! It has been discovered that when one sleeps for 6-8 hours the brain goes through a cleansing process, sort of like what a computer does when it is kicking out old data (defragging-I think that the correct term) or a virus. When one gets a good night's sleep the brain is fully recharged. I agree with you a healthy diet, besides doing things that feed the mind, heart, and soul, along with the body is important. When I was in nursing school, I learned about the BPSS factor (biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors). If one of these factors is out of balance, then the other factors will be affected in some way." - from one of my blogs.

"Hello, just came across your post, really appreciate your works!" - from one of my blogs.

"Interesting post, Vicki! Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us. I have wished that I could go back as the current me to the child me. I would tell the younger me to have confidence and to stop the self-flagellation. As the older version of me, I would tell my younger me's grade school teachers to boost my self-confidence and to stop labeling me as an insecure child. Likewise, the older me would take my parents aside to tell them to help boost the younger me's confidance. As a parent of a son and daughter, I decided when they were wee ones to inspire confidence, to speak to them in a positive tone, and to encourage them onwards in their life goals, and now that they are adults to give advice when asked." - from one of my blogs.


"Vicki, how interesting that you blog about Pelicans and I just spent a week in Fort Walton Beach on the beach watching these birds with a set of binoculars! Thank you for all the work you did in researching these amazing birds! I thought about you a lot when I was in Florida. We were there to visit our daughter." - from one of my blogs.


"I was taught early on to treasure my soul and my soul's destiny. I was also taught that we are to know God, love Him, and obey Him. Besides those important treasures are those who I love and care about. I once told my daughter that not only do I love her, but I love her soul even more, that her soul was of great importance to me. Quite frankly, I feel that way about a lot of people, so much that they are remembered in my daily prayers, and when I learn that they are in the final stage of life, I pray for their souls. praying that they are right with God. I love my Catholic Faith. Outside of these treasures, I treasure my love of nursing, my love of Eastern Montana's beauty, the love of horses, dogs, and cats, and my joy of cooking and baking." - from one of my blogs.

"Great homily, as we Catholics would say! Thank you, Vicki! Mary, did you know? Yes, Mary KNEW what was in store for her because Arch Angel Gabriel told her and the Prophet Simone told her. I believe that God always kept Mary informed either by an angel or a prophet, what was coming her way." - from one of my blogs.

"Thanks for the bible lesson, Vicki. Yes, I am sure that some people don't know what the rainbow symbolizes, and some people may have forgotten. However, I am sure that there are some people who scoff at what the rainbow symbolizes too. I pray for all, especially those of the last group." - from one of my blogs. 

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