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I am THANKFUL that; I met you, that we are in contact, that you write these posts and they are helpful or thought-provoking! Being a nurse has many joys, sorrows, and benefits, one being that whenever I get to feeling sorry for myself, I remind myself of those patients who I have cared for who were bed-bound or who had chronic diseases. I also remind myself how God hates grumbling or complaining, which is something that I am working on. Thank you for the footnotes, I found them very helpful.

I liked the poem that you included in your blog post. That poem hits the nail on the head, as it talks about what we really need and seem to never get enough of.

There are certain people who are homebound or don't get much because of health issues during this covid-19 event. I guess that is the nurse in me, wanting to be sure to reach out to those who are in need of being in communication with others.

What an interesting post, Vicki! I found the various ways of mapping one's life interesting. Since I am a nurse, I have learned how to map out my life using a similar plan that is used in the nursing plan of care. In a nursing plan of care (nursing care plan), there are short-term, intermediate-term, & long-term care plans. As I nurse, I would plan what needs to be done for the patient on a short-term basis, then write out an intermediately care plan, and a long-term care plan-which is meant for the patient (&family) to carry out post-discharge. Then to add to this method of planning is the evaluation of the plans, changing the plans as needed in order to help the patient to recover, and re-evaluation of the plans if need be.

Beautiful and yet thought-provoking post. I remember the day before as a routine day of being a wife and mom of two school-age children. I believe that living as God wanted us that is love and serve as He as commanded us to do. The Budweiser ad is powerful, and is my favorite ad.

Excellent post! A picture can be a thousand words, however one can paint a picture so to speak by using words.

Vicki, I too believe in the Red Sky adage, though I am no sailor. I like your pictures of the Sun Dogs. I see them on rare occasions here in Memphis.

Thank you, Vicki for the inspirational post. I have to, on occasions, deal with a naysayer in my family.

Your article reminds me of how we nurses have to deal with people when they are not at their best.

Great post, Vicki! Yes, every little thing we do help our neighbor, really does matter. I call people who I know that are either without family or have health issues that keep them confined to home. Last but not least, every day I pray for everyone that their needs are met.

Awesome post! Yes, a full moon does affect people. As a nurse who worked the third shift, I always dreaded when the moon was full, as some of the patients were restless.

Great post! Thank you, for the reminders! I was guilty of most if not all of the "sins of not caring for myself" because I was too busy being a wife, a mom, a nurse, a Cub/Boy Scout leader, a Girl Scout leader, and a part-time student when my children were still in school/college. However, I am taking care of myself now just so I can stay well, especially now that COVID-19's presence.

What a thought-provoking post! I can actually hear Louie Armstrong singing as I have heard that song so many times.

Another wonderful post, Vicki! Speaking as a nurse, being kind does much for the body, such as lowering the blood pressure, which in turn lessens stress on the heart. Also, no upset stomachs from the excess acid secretions. In short, Eustress or "Happy Stress" is good for the body and mind. It pays to be kind. I have read several accounts of those who have had near-death experiences, they are shown their entire lives, they are shown how acts of kindness affected those around them (and likewise, they also see the times when they are not kind towards those around them). These souls are shown how each person felt when that act of kindness was delivered to that person. Also, I have read, that every action that we do is also seen through the eyes of God, we either feel His sadness or joy.



I'm an old Glendive/DCHS person, and I would tell you that your web site was a breath of fresh air. I am sorry that you have left Glendive and no longer reporting. You will be missed by me and the others I turned on to your web site.

Dennis H., Charlotte, NC

Visuals + Words help us make better connections in our brain! You go, girl!

Jill G., NC


Nice Warrior friend! I love the  informational aspect. How you equate pictures with words and even our senses correlate with the overall affect.

Tabitha S., NC

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